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Frozen Smoothie Bowl (With Beans!)

Smoothie Bowl

You’ll never guess what is in this Frozen Smoothie Bowl. It’s so nutritious you can let your kids eat it for lunch!

As an adult, I try to choose foods to eat that will benefit me inside and out. Of course, sometimes I do indulge, but I like to know that most of the time I am eating foods that really satisfy me, but have great nutritional benefits as well. This one has all the benefits that beans provide! Who doesn’t want a bit of extra protein and calcium in their family’s food?

As I sat down to type out this recipe I quickly checked my email first. I read Meghan Telpner’s blog about the world not needing another green smoothie recipe. She hit a lot of marks in this blog and it totally falls in line with today’s Plant Trainers Recipe.

This recipe is what I like to call a frozen smoothie bowl of goodness. It is kinda reddish/purplish depending what you put inside. And the best part is it eats like ice cream! You can imagine my kids’ excitement when they had this awesome frozen smoothie bowl for lunch!

Try it out and feel free to change the fruits to whatever you have already. Most of the fruits need to be frozen, but you can use some fresh ingredients too.

Oh ya, and there is NO ADDED SUGAR or SWEETENERS of any kind!

This is enough to feed two little tummies, so feel free to double it!



Let us know what you like to top it with!


Directions:Smoothie Bowl

Let us know what toppings you used in the comments below!


~ Plant Trainers

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