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Halloween…now there is loaded topic. It seems to be filling up everyone’s news-feeds, it’s all the kids are talking about in the school yard, and we don’t know if we should go all out or cancel it all together. What to do? What-to-do??


October 31st is the date. I won’t get into any of the history of Halloween here. I’ll play the game…It’s just a fun day for kids BIG and small. The worst day is November 1st. It’s a day full of sugar highs and sugar CRASHES! I think I had something going when I suggested handing out cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon is known for decreasing blood sugar levels. My thought was if kids must eat their candy, they should take some cinnamon with it to at least keep their sugar at a constant level. All jokes aside, what should us health nuts do?





I hope this helps you keep an open, healthy and safe mind this Halloween.
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