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Homemade Hummus

Homemade Hummus

When life hands me lemons…

I make Hummus!
I love making hummus at home because I know exactly what goes into it and there are no preservatives. It always tastes best when served immediately.

Many people always ask me what I make in my Vitamix. Well, guess what? I now make my hummus there too. The key is keeping the Vitamix on a low speed setting and then eventually it all gets mixed in together without using a tamper.






Helpful Hints:

*If you are out of Tahini, you can replace it with 2 Tbsp of sesame seeds.

*Chickpeas can be replaced with a variety of other beans. I have made it with black beans and black-eyed peas.

*Check out our Blog on Beans for the best way to prepare and boil dried beans.

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