Nutrition Consulting

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  • Clear understanding of health and how to proceed with ease
  • Action plan that is achievable
  • Feel excited and ready for a new healthy lifestyle
  • Personalized interaction 1-on-1 catering to your specific needs and requests


Get a 1-on-1 phone consultation to discuss your plant-based nutrition or fitness needs. We will ask you for your questions and concerns in advance and prepare the session around your needs. If you have any questions about our plant-based nutrition consulting services, contact us today.

Have Any Questions?

My plant-based discussion with Adam was helpful and insightful. Once I showed an interest and curiosity in the vegan lifestyle, Adam strongly suggested making small changes at a time rather than a huge overhaul of my current diet. So, I have taken small steps and started with Meatless Mondays and focusing more on eating fresh vegetables and fruits. I was very impressed with Adam’s personal story, triumph and wealth of knowledge.

~ Stacey S.


Plant-based Nutrition 101

This personalized conversation helps integrate more plants into your diet or take your vegetarianism to the next level.

Creating Me

This motivating seminar provides the story of Adam’s life transformation. Take the journey from Adam being told he’d be dead before the age of 40 to becoming a “Plant Powered” Ironman Triathlete. As he continues to thrive beyond the age of 40, he will provide incite as to how you can transform your own life and become the person you were meant to be!

How to Transition to a Plant-Based Lifestyle

A change of lifestyle can be hard. In this personalized conversation you will have all your questions answered and be on your way to having a detailed plan of action.

University Prep (Individual or Small Groups)

I’ve moved out of my parents’ home and ventured off to university. Now what? I’ve always had my meals planned and prepared for me. I most likely will join the cafeteria meal plan, but is that even food? How do I know what foods to choose from the meal plan? How do I do a proper grocery shop? How can I prepare simple meals for myself? (Cooking/Meal prep will be done in your home + Additional $10/person for food)

Reading Food Labels

Reading food labels may seem straight forward, but it’s not. This personalized conversation will prepare you to read ingredient labels and ensure you know what you are bringing home and putting into your body. Be aware of what you are consuming and improve long-term health

Eating in Restaurants

During this conversation you will build a clear understanding and develop the confidence you need to order amazingly tasty foods while eating in restaurants. We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dining out.

How to Make Smoothies

By the end of this personalized conversation you will be a smoothie connoisseur. We will help you formulate recipes to your tastes and nutritional needs.

Food For Kids

This momma and papa know how hard it is to feed children. Plant Trainers will answer your questions and give you practical ideas for making sure your children move toward becoming responsible eaters. Your concerns are our focus.

Gluten-free Diet 101

Plant Trainers will address the questions and concerns you have about creating a gluten-free diet.

Setting Goals

Learn goal-setting techniques and develop a personalized action plan.

Food as Fuel for Performance

Are you an athlete trying to figure out how to fuel yourself to maximize your performance? This conversation is for you…food is the best source of energy, but you need to know what and when to eat it! Help fight chronic disease and fatigue today!

Kitchen Overhaul

Do you need a kitchen makeover? This customized experience will help you reorganize your kitchen whether you are trying to make a major change in your eating habits or you want to add more nutrient dense foods into your life. We’ll take you on a grocery store shopping tour and help you set attainable goals.

Traveling With A Plant-based Family

Plant Trainers has experience traveling internationally with children. We will help you plan for nutritious eating wherever you may go and whatever mode of transportation you are taking.


Need help getting fit? Our plant based personal trainers create attainable goals to improve your health and motivation. We will take the time to listen to and help you understand the questions and concerns you may have.