Seminars & Workshops


Duration: Depends on chosen topic

In-person or Online: In person

Individual or Group: Individual, Small Groups (4) or Large Groups (5+)


  • Personalized interaction one-on-one or in small groups catering to your specific needs and requests.


Whether you are an individual seeking more information about living a plant-based lifestyle or would like to hold workshops or seminars as a group, we will educate you on the power of plants.

We will ask you for your questions and concerns in advance and prepare the session around your needs.


Plant-based Nutrition 101

Mother Nature has so much to offer. Plant Trainers are trained professionals in utilizing her gifts to create a better quality of life. These seminars and workshops can be personalized for audiences who are looking to begin integrating more plants into their diets or help others take their vegetarianism to the next level. Plant Trainers will educate you on using food as disease prevention and reversal. We care about improving long term health and increasing your quality of life. Plant-based nutrition has so many benefits; let’s start the conversation and get your questions answered.

Creating Me

This motivating seminar provides the story of Adam’s life transformation. Take the journey from Adam being told he’d be dead before the age of 40 to becoming a “Plant Powered” Ironman Triathlete. As he continues to thrive beyond the age of 40, he will provide incite as to how you can transform your own life and become the person you were meant to be!

Reading Food Labels

Reading food labels may seem straight forward, but it’s not. Plant Trainers will prepare you to read ingredient labels to ensure you know what you are bringing into home and putting into your body. Plant Trainers will help you make a detailed plan for avoiding hidden toxins and carcinogens in the ingredients. Understanding nutritional values is a must. You will get a cheat sheet for shopping ease.

Implementing a Plant-based Lifestyle


How to Make Smoothies

Smoothies are the talk of the town. Plant Trainers have been making delicious vitamin packed smoothies before they became the latest trend. During this workshop you will become competent in making balanced smoothies that are just the right flavor and texture. You will learn how to use fruits and vegetables to help with ailments, energy and recovery. You will love the tips for easy preparation and putting together a two-minute smoothie. Ask questions about your specific appliances and needs and you will get answers. The best part will be the taste testing, so bring your appetite. (Additional $5/person)

Gluten-free 101

Plant Trainers understands the questions and concerns individuals and families have when accommodating someone with gluten-free needs. In this seminar you will understand what it means to be celiac, gluten intolerant and allergic to wheat and gluten. Plant Trainers will teach you which foods are acceptable and which need to be avoided. You will learn about swapping out foods that contain allergens for other foods that are equally delicious and possibly even healthier. Get advice and recipes for gluten-free cooking. Our unique cheat sheet will make shopping gluten-free a breeze. You will also feel more prepared to shop and eat out with Plant Trainers’ tips for individuals with a gluten-free diet.

University Prep (Individual or Small Groups)

I’ve moved out of my parents’ home and ventured off to university. Now what? I’ve always had my meals planned and prepared for me. I most likely will join the cafeteria meal plan, but is that even food? How do I know what foods to choose from the meal plan? How do I do a proper grocery shop? How can I prepare simple meals for myself? (Cooking/Meal prep will be done in your home + Additional $10/person for food)

Kitchen Makeover (1 Kitchen)

Who doesn’t love a makeover? Plant Trainers is not worried about the brand of refrigerator you have or the hardware on your cupboard doors. We specialize on what food is on the inside. This customized experience is great for someone who is trying to make a major change in his or her eating habits or for the conscientious eater who wants to add more nutrient dense foods into their life. Plant Trainers will patiently help you clean out all your cupboards and refrigerator without judgment, providing you with knowledge along the way. We will help you swap out the unhealthy for the healthier. You will receive recipes, shopping lists and ideas to help you add super-foods and more fruits and vegetables into your life. This session is sure to be exactly what you need. A Kitchen warming gift is an added Bonus!

Food As Medicine


Improving Performance Through Plants

Improving Performance Through PlantsCOMING SOON

Grocery Shop (Individual or Small Groups)

Plant Trainers knows food. We know where to purchase it, how to pick it, and how to plan for eating it. Choose a sit down seminar, in store workshop or both! Either way you will get amazing tips and information about preparing to shop. By the end of this session you will be an expert in understanding how grocery stores are set up and how to avoid their schemes for getting you to spend more money on less nutritious foods. Learn how to map put your shopping to save time. You will also learn about food storage, which will help you waste less and save more. Our shopping list and recipes will help you stay organized and you can customize it around your own menus.

“Shoshana, I loved your meatless loaf recipe. I am always looking for new ideas for tofu and this was perfect. The addition of the green lentils and pecans make it a protein packed, healthy and substantial meal. The flavors from the spices are amazing and the texture is great. I always double the recipe so I can freeze one loaf (after slicing) and use for lunches or dinners another day. Thanks for adding another great vegetarian recipe to my repertoire!”

~ Sarah-Beth K.