Seminars & Workshops

Seminars & Workshops

Duration: Depends on chosen topic

In-person or Online: In person  

Individual or Group: Individual, Small Groups (4) or Large Groups (5+)  


Whether you are an individual seeking more information about living a plant-based lifestyle or would like to hold workshops or seminars as a group, we will educate you on the power of plants.

We will ask you for your questions and concerns in advance and prepare the session around your needs.


  • Personalized interaction one-on-one or in small groups catering to your specific needs and requests.


"Shoshana, I loved your meatless loaf recipe. I am always looking for new ideas for tofu and this was perfect. The addition of the green lentils and pecans make it a protein packed, healthy and substantial meal. The flavors from the spices are amazing and the texture is great. I always double the recipe so I can freeze one loaf (after slicing) and use for lunches or dinners another day. Thanks for adding another great vegetarian recipe to my repertoire!"

~ Sarah-Beth K.