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PTP499 - Jim Loomis and Caryn Dugan
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In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk with Dr. Jim Loomis and Chef Caryn Dugan about nutrition myths and the truth about selenium and goitrogens. They are a dynamic and hilarious duo with loads of knowledge. They share their story of coming together and dive into a range of health topics, from the importance of selenium and its role in preventing prostate cancer, to the benefits of sulforaphane found in broccoli. We also discuss soy, iodine, and a list of vital supplements you should consider. Learn where to get your selenium without overdoing it, the differences between pink salt and Celtic salt, and tips for getting the most nutritional bang for your buck with broccoli. Plus, discover how to reactivate your broccoli and hear what Shoshana has learned about this super veggie. Don’t miss this engaging and educational episode!

Dr. Jim Loomis is board-certified in internal and lifestyle medicine and serves as the medical director at the Barnard Medical Center in Washington, DC and is featured in the documentary “The Game Changers”. He also co-hosts the “The Doc and Chef” show on YouTube with his friend and colleague plant-based chef Caryn Dugan. Caryn founded the Center for Plant-based Living, which is the nation’s first plant-based culinary education center located in St. Louis, MO. She is a certified health and wellness coach and has a certificate in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University.

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In this episode we discuss: 

  • How they came together 
  • What is selenium 
  • Why did we need it 
  • sulforaphane
  • Selenium and prostate cancer 
  • Soy 
  • Iodine 
  • List of important supplements 
  • Where to get your selenium and how not to get too much
  • Pink salt vs Celtic  
  • Getting the most broccoli bang for your buck 
  • Reactivating your broccoli 
  • What Shoshana learned about broccoli 


Links to things we mentioned:

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