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PTP486 - Margot Freitag
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In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk with Margot Freitag all about plant powered punks. Margot has made it cool for youngsters to get into the kitchen and learn how to cook plant-based for themselves. We talk about the power kids will have to try and eat new foods when they are part of the cooking process. We explore families who cook together can be healthier together and how teachers can have a greater influence in the kitchen. We’re not gonna “beer” around the bush anymore, but this is a fun little episode you’ll want to share with all your parent and teacher friends.

Through her career, Margot has helped thousands of people restore their health. Margot’s teaching is rooted in personal leadership and behavioral change, with plant-based nutrition as the guiding force. Margot is certified in Plant-Based nutrition and is a certified Personal Trainer specializing in functional fitness and remedial exercise in medical treatment. She is also a high school teacher and has taught mostly drama and English literature. Margot recently published her first children’s cookbook, “Plant-Powered Punks,” inspired by her own children who thrived growing up on plants. Margot’s vision is to show children that healthier food choices can be delicious and really can impact kids’ energy levels and how they feel.

Her hope is that Plant-Powered Punks and the Plant-Powered Punks Membership Site will serve as inspiration for children, parents, and teachers to have fun creating delicious, healthy whole plant foods. Margot is a published author and has written for the PCRM’s Good Medicine Magazine. She has been featured on several summits and podcasts. Margot has been the creator and host of five online Plant-Based Summits. She lives in Ontario, Canada on an acreage with her husband, son and daughter, her Mustang horses, and two Great Dane-cross dogs.

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In this episode we discuss: 

  • Asthma 
  • Meeting Brenda Davis 
  • Who are Plant-Powered Punks
  • Food & behaviour 
  • Parent based vs child based plant based cooking 
  • Teaching cookbook 
  • Her favourite recipes
  • Quinoa burgers 
  • Almond cheese 
  • A message for the parents of the picky eater.  


Links to things we mentioned:

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