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WOW. The things we learn in life at a young age keep us alive and well throughout our older years. “Look both ways before you cross the street.” YA, especially when you are texting. That’s a serious lesson. Oh, how about “Blow on your soup before tasting it.” Yup. No one likes to go through their meal with a scalded tongue. You can’t taste anything. “Look someone in the eye while saying hello or shaking hands.” That could make or break your whole career as an adult. Thanks mom and dad.

But, there are some lessons our parents may not have taught us that could affect our health long term. Maybe it’s something we know, but don’t realise the severity of it. Perhaps our parents didn’t know better, so they could not teach us. Afterall, we have to do the best we can with what we know.

As Maya Angelou said “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better”.

So here is a good opportunity to do better.



Many of us grew up with calorie counting parents or parents on weight watchers, crazy diets that don’t teach you living skills or coping skills. Diets that don’t acknowledge nutrition density. I remembered thinking, if a burger is freeze dried and comes out of a bag then you’ll be skinnier for eating it. While there may be some truth in that, you will not be healthier. Your stomach is like a car’s gas tank. You know…the way the gas pump knows when the car is full and shuts itself off. Well the same goes for your stomach and your hunger signals. So 400 calories of oil will fill less than ¼ of your “tank” and 400 calories of a beef will fill about half, give or take. But 400 calories of fruits and veggies will fill that baby up, turn off the hunger signals and get you purring….so to speak. And guess what fruits and veggies have?…….Fiber.



Hormonal Imbalance1Fiber. Fiber. Fiber. We know we need it, but do we know all the reasons why? Fiber is only found in plants. Fiber absorbs estrogen and helps it out of the body and it gets flushed away. Too graphic? Too bad! Many women have estrogen imbalances or other hormonal imbalance, so increasing your plant intake, especially first thing in the morning can be a natural way to help the body. Dr. Linda Carney is known for helping her patients in this manner. Do you think that’s a bunch of poop? It’s not!

So what small changes can you make to ensure you are safer in the future? Switch that side salad for a large salad and a modest serving of protein. Increase your fiber if you feel like you have symptoms of hormonal imbalance? Understand that you don’t have to wait for a juice cleanse challenge to detox. Plant’s can do that for you daily.

So spread the word and help people learn some of the lessons our parents may not have taught us. Better yet, try a fibrous, plant-based diet with low calories and almost all you can eat for 30 days. We’re having a 21 Day Vegan Party starting October 5, 2016 and you are invited. Click HERE to JOIN THE PARTY!

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2 thoughts on “Hormonal Imbalance & Caloric Density – What You Need To Know”
  1. I am a little bit … confused … by this post. Not necessarily in the conclusions but in the lack of citations for these results. Can you give scientific studies that back the claims, specially in the estrogen comments? As a thyroid cancer survivor I have numerous hormonal issues, including my body converting too much T to estrogen, but I continue to be leery of information that come from a slanted point of view (not saying it is wrong, but obviously a vegan perspective correct?).

    • Avatar admin

      Thank you so much John for your comment and engaging in this exchange of information. According to Dr. Linda Carney, A plant-based Family Practitioner, there are 8 major reasons for excess estrogen in our bodies. 1-Dairy provides too much estrogen 2-Eating too much fat (plant-based fat included) 3-“Wearing” too much fat 4-Drinking caffeine 5-Eating cholesterol 6-Lack of Fibre 7-Drinking alcohol 8-Animal feed contains hormones and antibiotics. So to answer your question, yes, this is a vegan POV. This is also not to say that one beer is going to put your estrogen levels through the roof. Different people, different bodies all can have different reactions. She even went so far as to provide many examples from patients, from her medical practice, that have gone through menopause without a hot flash and very few other side effects due to their low fat and high fibre diets. Many of her patients need to take it one step further and eat a combo of beans, greens, squash and yams for breakfast.

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