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PTP489 - Brittany Gowan Nature
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In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk with Brittany Gowan about using nature as a method of relieving stress. In fact, it is more than just stress relief, it is thriving with nature. We talk about how nature affects our mood and our ability to really show up for what we want to do in this world. Whether you want to be more productive or thrive as an athlete, in your profession or as a person, you will see the value nature has to reach your full potential. 

Brittany Gowan is a NYC-based stress management coach teaching a nature-centered “Skills for Stress and Success” program to build mental strength and support wellbeing and performance. She features recognizable examples of the natural world into her stress relief techniques, guided imagery and goal setting practices. She leads corporate events, works 1:1 with individuals in high-performance industries and provides community programming. Brittany is a former athlete competing in both figure skating and swimming. She’s also a figure skating coach, teaching skating to people of all ages in NYC. Brittany is the author of the new book with HarperCollins, Turn to the Sun: Your Guide to Release Stress and Cultivate Better Health Through Nature.

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In this episode we discuss: 

  • Finding the plant-based/vegetarian lifestyle
  • The connection with nature
  • Nature and Stress
  • Ways of relieving stress
  • Nature and Athletics
  • Sports psychology and success
  • how to apply this if you’re an entrepreneur
  • Actionable tips to start with today


Links to things we mentioned:

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