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Which Nut Butter Is Better - PTP186
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So, which nut butter is better?

First of all I want to say that I am so proud of Roxann for asking the question about which nut butter is better. She has come so far working with Plant Trainers and for her it’s not just about being told what to do and when…but, she is really catching on to being mindful of the foods she is choosing to surround herself with as part of her health journey. Deciding on a nut butters is something I love to talk about. When people type nut butter, they often make typos and it reads “but butter”…nothing makes me laugh harder. But on a more serious note, the nut or seed butter you choose may have a bigger effect on your but and your health than you think!

So consider these ideas when shopping for nut or seed butters next time.


This week’s question:

Roxann Asks: Hey Plant Trainers, which nut butter is better to use, Peanut butter or other kinds?


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