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PTP480 - Dr Dominic Brandy
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In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk with Dr. Dominic Brandy about the best lifestyle practices for people with Cancer. Dr. Brandy opens up about his personal battle with multiple myeloma, shedding light on his experiences and insights and research findings. Together, we explore the crucial role of sleep and melatonin in the context of cancer management, the importance of fasting, and the significant impact of incorporating nuts into a cancer-fighting diet. We delve into the complex world of conventional versus alternative cancer treatments, the potential advantages of antioxidant supplementation, and the fascinating realm of herbs with potent anti-cancer properties.

We also discuss the importance of exercise in preventing cancer relapse and the intriguing connection between the microbiome and our immune system. Prepare for an illuminating conversation that may revolutionize your perspective on cancer and overall health.

Dr. Dominic Brandy is a practicing medical doctor for 44 years running a plastic surgery/ medspa/ anti- aging practice during that time. He has published 76 scientific peer-reviewed articles and 9 textbook chapters in the medical literature; written many consumer articles; and given over 200 lectures at international medical meetings. Five and a half years ago he was diagnosed with a blood cancer called “multiple myeloma”. “Natural Insights into Cancer” is Dr. Brandy’s ongoing project to share what he has learned through scouring the medical literature about what can be done naturally to fight this dreaded disease. Dr. Brandy is the author of a best-selling book “Beat Back Cancer Naturally”. This book includes 5 Scientifically Proven Natural and Plant-Based Ways to Prevent, Survive and Thrive with Cancer.

Get ready for a truly eye-opening discussion that could completely reshape your views on cancer and your overall well-being.

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In this episode we discuss: 

  • Positive attitude and cancer 
  • Finding WFPB 
  • His diagnosis with multiple myeloma 
  • Sleep and melatonin 
  • Fasting 
  • The role of nuts 
  • Conventional vs alternative cancer treatment 
  • Antioxidant supplementation with cancer treatment  
  • Herbs that have anti-cancer properties 
  • Exercise and cancer relapse
  • Microbiome and immune system


Links to things we mentioned:

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