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In today’s episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast we talk to Shannon Farrell about how she overcame diseases and how she is now giving back. Shannon shares her health history with us, but it’s more like her unhealthy history. She has too many diseases and too many medications to mention here. She was wheelchair bound and a perfect candidate for disability, but neither of those options were acceptable. Shannon walks us through her thought process and in the most inspiring way sends the message to never settle with life if it is not the way you are willing to accept. Today Shannon is an avid runner and monitors doctors, nurses, athletes and organizes groups so everyone can benefit from a healthy plant-based lifestyle.


Shannon Farrell has over 27 years of experience in the medical field, including 18 years as a registered nurse in a multitude of roles. She prides herself on being a multidimensional health care provider to her patients and shares her vast knowledge obtained during her lengthy career. Shannon is currently an RN at the Beaumont Cardiac Rehabilitation centre in Michigan, in a unit that she helped build up from the ground level with a team of incredible coworkers. While working with patients to achieve their own maximal health and wellness, she realized the importance of her own health and the impact to teach others to live successfully with any type of chronic disease.

She has lost over 85 pounds and experienced many benefits of following a healthier lifestyle, including an increase in energy level, reduced pain, and fewer disease flare ups. She enjoys all types of sports and loves supporting her own children at their sporting events. Shannon Farrell is honored to serve as the Volunteer Director of the Small Groups for the Plant Based Nutrition Support Group.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Steroids, diabetes, lupus and being wheelchair bound
  • Finding plant-based
  • Giving herself a gift
  • The mental game of athletic injury
  • Sidestepping
  • Not accepting disability
  • Leaving things behind
  • Trends with cardiac patients
  • Here and now society
  • Doctors prescribing less drugs and more fruits and vegetables
  • Kids jumping in with the parents  
  • Getting to the children
  • Grassroots education
  • Athletic performance
  • Actionable tips for getting started


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