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When discussing a Plant based lifestyle versus the Standard American Diet, someone said to me:

“I can’t possibly do it and even if I could, will I actually do it?”

Obviously, I see many problems with that sentence.

For starters, I don’t believe in the word “can’t”, it simply doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. I blogged about that before and basically said that if you say you “can’t”…you never will. Perhaps you aren’t able to do something at the present time or are not yet ready to do something, but you always can, you just choose not to.

Here was my short response:

Yes, obviously I’ll say you can.

Will you? That’s really a choice you need to make. Why is it that we allow everything to be important in our lives except our own health? If you think about it, and I know you know all this, but without our health we have nothing.

The information about nutrition & health that we know from the last 50 years is almost all BS. People don’t want to hear that because they’re afraid of change.

If people feel like crap, there’s a reason for it. If people are overweight, there’s reason for it. If people are not healthy, there’s a reason for it. The crazy thing is, we have control over it and most people don’t realize it.

Will you? Change is never easy. The more you learn about eating a whole food plant-based diet/lifestyle, the more obvious and easy it will become.

I know you think it’s easy for me because I’m disciplined or motivated, but it isn’t as easy as you think. I do it, because I have to. I need to stay healthy and I need to feel good everyday and I need my kids to see me as an example of how to be healthy in a world that is so corrupted by media, big food and pharmaceutical companies.

Society and our planet is in big trouble and it will impact our kids unless we take control of our own health. In 1978, 15% of children were overweight or obese. In 2007, 29% of teens were overweight or obese and the projection is that in 2040, 70% of adults will be overweight or obese…and that’s in Canada…even worse in the U.S.!

The rates of heart disease, strokes, cancers and type 2 diabetes are increasing and are directly related to being overweight, being obese and the foods we consume…all of which can be controlled!

Will you?

Again, it’s up to you, but if you ask me…you should be saying “I will”.

Adam Chaim

~ Plant Trainers

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