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PTP263 - Dr. Douglas Won
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In today’s episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk to Dr. Douglas Won about preventing surgery and accelerating recovery. Dr. Won is a fountain of information on the effects a plant-based diet has on the body’s ability to heal. He wows us with how a plant-based diet can prevent surgery or help people recover better if they do have surgery. His 4 Pillars that he shares goes beyond longevity or feeling great. He tells us about how this affects our stem cells and allows us to live younger longer. And we are excited to share his anti-cancer smoothie!

Dr. Douglas Won, director and founder of Minimally Invasive SpineCARE, located in Plano, Texas, is a fellowship-trained spine surgeon, board-certified by The American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Dr. Won is the director of the NeoGen Stem Cell Institute. Chosen as one of America’s Top Orthopedist/Spine Surgeons by Research Consumers’ Council of America, he provides the most comprehensive methods of minimally invasive and endoscopic laser spine surgeries available to treat cervical, thoracic and lumbar disorders, and dedicates his spine practice to only minimally invasive techniques.

Dr. Won has pioneered some of the most innovative surgical techniques utilizing the healthcare industry’s smallest incisions to avoid traditional, open back surgeries of the neck and spine. Dr. Douglas Won has been practicing regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy for over 11 years.  Plant-Based Nutrition is a key foundation of regenerative medicine and is part of 4 Pillars of Successful Stem Cell Therapy.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Finding plant based
  • Spine surgery
  • How diet can affect the surgery
  • 6 weeks
  • Genes
  • Avoiding chronically significant cancer
  • P.E.A.S.
  • Exercise for a healthy spine
  • Putting your health first
  • Making time
  • Avoid Toxins
  • Stress management
  • Telomeres
  • Plant-based diet and stem cells  
  • How nutrition allows you to live younger longer
  • Food recommendations
  • Actionable tips
  • Anti-cancer smoothie


Links to things we mentioned:

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2 thoughts on “Preventing Surgery and Accelerating Recovery with Dr. Douglas Won – PTP263”
  1. Dr Won is a tremendous asset to the community. I’ve attended his seminars a number of times and am continually learning from him. I appreciate his willingness to help anyone on social media by responding to posts and comments in a helpful way. His heart for people to be healthy is amazing. Thank you!

    • Avatar Adam Chaim

      Totally agree Carl and thank you for listening!
      Dr. Won is great – super knowledgeable and so approachable and responsive. We are so grateful that he shared with our followers and listeners.

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