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PTP336 Rebecca Clements
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In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk with Rebecca Clements, a plant-based coach who is helping her clients reframe the way they think, speak and act. Most of our actions begin with our thoughts. If we can change our thinking process to reflect our values, wants and needs, then we can have more success with our health and our life in general. We loved the way Rebecca explains how limiting beliefs are all around us and how we can begin to break free from them…wait…did I just have a limiting belief there…I think so. You’ll get tons of actionable steps to train your subconscious mind to be on your side instead of against you. 

Rebecca is a plant-based transition coach who specializes in helping athletes adopt a sustainable plant-based diet and lifestyle. Born into a very meat-based culture in a small mid-west town, she learned from an early age how to navigate uncomfortable and non-veg friendly situations with confidence. Rebecca has been animal-free for almost 2 decades and has dedicated her life to helping others do the same. One of her life missions is to show the world how strong plant-based muscle can be. From dance, soccer, track & field, to CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, and Bodybuilding… there’s no movement modality a vegan athlete can’t touch. Rebecca’s goal is to “Educate, Empower, & EAT!” 

We can’t wait for you to hear this episode. Please take a look at the @PlantTrainers Instagram or Facebook and let us know what your biggest take away was from this episode. 


In this episode we discuss: 

  • Growing up in hunting and butchering culture 
  • NLP what is it 
  • Finding your why
  • How to communicate why you’re going PB
  • Humanizing others 
  • Limiting beliefs 
  • The power of language 
  • Tools to thrive and build confidence 
  • Reframing situations and humanizing 
  • Subconscious 
  • Will power 
  • Mantras and middle grounds 
  • Tips to reframe 
  • Easy meal ideas 


Links to things we mentioned:

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