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PTP325 - Henry Howard
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In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk with Henry Howard, who interviewed us for his running blog a while black. This episode is a little different, as he is not fully plant-based. Henry has been researching the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle for a long time and is still working his way to becoming 100%. We thought it would be interesting for those who are not quite there yet as well to hear about what challenges he has and get some advice on how to address that. He also shares his experiences with Celiac disease and running journey and how diet has played a factor in that. 

Henry Howard began his running journey in 2011 when he wanted to accomplish a bucket-list goal: finish a marathon. During his first run of 1.5 miles, he stopped three times, puked in the driveway and thought he was going to die. He did finish that marathon 18 months later, and since then has completed 20 marathons, qualified for and run the Boston Marathon, and finished eight ultra marathons. Along this journey, Henry has gone from a typical Western diet to a plant-based lifestyle that is somewhere between vegan and pescatarian but always gluten-free. Now at age 50, he has never been in better shape in his life, as he trains for his first 100-mile race this fall. At the same time, Henry has also become a certified running coach and trains athletes to meet their goals. He also writes about inspiring athletes, share his journey and reviews running gear at his website,


In this episode we discuss:

  • Community 
  • Social media positive and negative 
  • Running, recovery and training 
  • Sons being diagnosed with celiac disease 
  • Plant-based journey 
  • Breaking down the challenges of going 100%
  • Breakfast in hotels 
  • What foods work before and after your races 
  • Carb loading- yay or nay?
  • His journey to “Boston”
  • Getting ready for the 100 miler!
  • How to get in more calories without eating SO much 


Links to things we mentioned:

Plantpower Toque

ENERGYBits – use “planttrainers” at checkout for a discount!

Henry Howard – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Tips on transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle – by Henry Howard, Runspirited

Plant Trainers Amazon Storefront

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