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Inspiration can be found in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes we realize that we are being inspired and sometimes we only notice that it occurred when looking back. The best kind of inspiration is one that is completely unexpected. We have all had our turns to inspire and be inspired.

Many of us touch the lives of others in a meaningful way on a daily basis. We don’t always get thanked, but if our intention is to create positive energy and help other people we will always get something back whether we realize it or not. If everyone is continuously inspiring and paying it forward, quality of life will begin to improve.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Adam’s story from graduation
  • Shoshana’s unexpected story from a course
  • Adam & Sammy’s bike ride


Links to things we mentioned:

Rainbow Kids Yoga


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2 thoughts on “Stories of Inspiration – PTP031”
  1. Avatar Jacob Benchetrit

    I thoroughly was inspired listening to this podcast. It was very interesting to hear several stories on how one can get inspired by just trying to help and motivate someone who just needs a little push. It also gave me a sense of warmth knowing that by giving someone a bit of your time can aid them and make them feel good about themselves. I found it very intriguing that just by either giving someone extra information, such as a movie, can inspire someone to change their life for the better.
    I also discovered that be offering just a bit of motivation and encouragement can do the world of good to an individual who can benefit and really change their life for the better. I have also grasped that offering unique approaches to making someone want to do something out of their comfort zone and feeling good about their accomplishment is a rewarding event to both parties involved.
    I specifically like the example when the parent came up to Adam and claimed how happy she was that her son lost so much weight just by you giving a name of a movie to watch. The student was so inspired by that movie that you told him about.That small piece of advice led this student to take a healthy approach on his life. We all know how unhealthy it is to be overweight and by making a recommendation to watch this movie, he was able to achieve his goal.
    I also found it very enlightening and agree fully that we all have the ability to inspire someone just by giving someone some of your valuable time, knowledge and respect. Personally, I was inspired by the story of when you gave a student a management role in his gym class. This made him feel special and changed the way he felt about gym.
    I also learned that having the ability to inspire someone is very rewarding and really does not involve too much effort. Treating people with respect and motivation can really make a difference in one’s life.

    • Avatar admin

      Jacob, someone is always watching what we do. Motivation and inspiration can be found everywhere, sometimes we just need to keep our eyes a little more opened to find it. Certainly is rewarding!

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