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In this episode of Hey Plant Trainers, we answer Jake’s question: It’s a new year and I’m looking for a way to be more active. Some of my friends are doing triathlons, but I don’t swim at all. Should I get into triathlons?


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6 thoughts on “Training with Friends – PTP054”
  1. Avatar Levi

    What a great podcast! It showed me that I should find something to do that I actually am motivated to do and that is fun. Without fun, you don’t have the motivation and enjoyment of doing something. With fun, you do have the motivation, enjoyment, confidence and belief in yourself. Fun is the key to sustainability. For example, playing a sport that you don’t find to be fun for you will make you not try as hard as you can at that sport, but if you play a sport that you do find to be fun, it is enjoyable for yourself and you compete at a higher level because you are motivated more. Fun will help you in every aspect of your life. I hope you keep making more podcasts.

  2. Avatar yoel

    Wow what a great podcast!! After listening to this episode I really found out that fun is the key to success. During the podcast you explained to me that, we really need to find something fun that we truly enjoy, because the key to every activity is having fun. In your Podcast you also stated that one person may not like swimming like his other friends, but he may like other activities that his friends don’t like also. You truly need to focus on having fun and enjoying doing it. It is very true that if you find something that you truly love most likely you’ll keep on doing it in the future which is great. We all need to try different things in life even if we may not like it, we should never judge a book by its cover we may think that the activity that we are about to do is not going to be fun, but when we do the activity we may feel like its the best thing ever and will truly enjoy it. We all need to be inspired when were doing activities in life. These podcast are so great and they teach me so much, thank you so much. I hope Plant Trainers continue to make these amazing episodes that inspire many people!

    • Avatar admin

      Thanks for the positive feedback! Fun is the key that unlocks most doors in our lives. Find fun and you find sustainability!

  3. Avatar Dylan Keith

    I have learned a lot after listening to this episode! Fun is the key to sustainability. You need to find something that you enjoy because the key to every activity is to enjoy doing it. For example, the person in the podcast may not like swimming, but he may like other activities, such as biking and running. You can train with your friends even if you do not feel like being competitive. I definitely agree with the podcast because in order to participate in a certain activity, you must have fun doing it. I’ve viewed a few of the episodes, and one word always comes to mind…inspiration. These videos are both insightful and motivating. I plan on implementing the suggestions from Plant Trainers into my athletic, as well as academic life. I hope Plant Trainers continue to make these amazing episodes!

    • Avatar admin

      It’s all about having fun! Thanks Dylan.

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