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We all work hard and hopefully play harder!

I just completed a half-marathon yesterday and my goal was to beat my personal best of 1:43.51.  Leading up to the race, like many people do (or at least should do), I trained and worked hard to ensure I’d be able to compete in achieving my goal.
Whether your a runner, a hockey player, a yogi, a business woman, a student, etc…we all face many challenges in life.  Once we achieve one of our goals and before we set a new one, it’s important to take some time to bask in the glory of achievement.

STOP! Take a deep breathe (or a few) and realize that you’ve accomplished something you set out to do.  You worked hard, went after your goal, and reached (or surpassed) it.  Be proud of yourself.  You earned it!

Treat yourself to a massage.  Massage therapy can provide you with a moment of relaxation, help reduce muscle tension, attain relief from chronic pain, enhance emotional and physical well-being and most importantly…your quality of life.  After such an accomplishment (big or small), treat yourself to the rejuvenation process of massage therapy.
I just booked mine! (if you need a recommended massage therapist, let me know)
Oh in case you were wondering, I set a new personal best for my half-marathon of 1:39.57!

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