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It’s a busy world out there and many people lose focus at times two of the most important things in life: Health and Family. It doesn’t matter how much money one has, without our health we have nothing. The funny thing is that having a close knit family can improve your health and that’s why this is such an important blog post.

Bring the family back to the table. No television, no distractions, no excuses. We talk about this all the time on The Plant Trainers Podcast. Families that eat together are able to share more positive experiences and build stronger relationships.

Setting an example. The best way to get your family to eat healthy foods and healthy quantities is to share your meal together. When we eat with our children they see what we put in our mouths. Then, over time, our children want to try and eat what we are eating too. Many parents cook two meals – a kid’s meal and an adult meal. We are teaching children that this is the standard and that’s OK. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect you to feed your three year-old hot peppers… but milder versions or decomposed versions of what you are eating is perfect – adult food, but kiddy style.

Families who eat together share more. Having a meal together as a family gives you an opportunity to talk about your day and share experiences. It gives you a chance to debrief from difficulties your child may have had in their day and it gives you an occasion to celebrate victories. What a wonderful time to share what you are grateful for together. This will give your children an understanding of this open forum that they will respect and use as they grow older.

Responsibility is one of the best skills we can give our children. Eating together allows us to educate our children and remind them to say please and thank you. When we eat together, the family can help set the table and clear it together too. A skill their spouse will thank you for in the future…and it cuts down on the time adults spend in the kitchen.

We want to help our children build good character and want them to learn good eating habits. We want them to have a sense of independence and responsibility. So let’s do it. Bring your family back to the table. Maybe once a week, maybe twice, maybe five times…whatever you can manage to do, you and your family will reap the benefits.

Let us know how it goes!

~ Plant Trainers

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