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Today, women and men, mothers and fathers are so busy. Kids too. Everything is rushed. Our clients get home from work, feed the kids dinner, do homework, bathe the kids…you get the picture all too clear, right? Well, It’s not news to you that this fast paced life throws off our hormones and makes us feel stressed and anxious, leaving us to really search for the good.

One way to save you from the life of un-balancedness is going on a family walk. Simple and easy. Wether you are lucky enough to have mild or hot weather year round, or you only get 4 months of nice weather consider this:

Go on a family walk. Right after dinner during the week or maybe after breakfast on a Sunday morning. Start off once a week and you will see, all family members will want to increase that number when you start reaping the benefits. Have the whole family work together and clear the table. Put all the perishables away and stack the dishes or put them in the dishwasher. Save the bigger items for later. Get all your shoes on, hats (maybe) and choose a route. Maybe it will be 10 minutes, maybe a half hour, but just go!

The obvious benefits are clear. It is important to make time for family activities to keep a bond and teach the value of relationships. Interacting together as a family is tres importanto! And then there is the need to get up and move – exercise. I don’t think that one needs more explanation. But there are a few more reasons less obvious…hormones.

As I mentioned earlier, hormones that are out of whack keep us from enjoying our lives. They make us miserable at times and we often need saving from ourselves. Well, a family walk is a great way to combat this and be proactive. Exercising is extremely mood boosting. It helps release serotonin. This happy feeling can help you conquer the rest of your evening from a much better place. Spending time with loved ones can actually help you feel more satisfied with your life. It helps release oxytocin. Imagine yourself feeling more satisfied with your life! And finally, you will feel less stressed. Being with your loved ones boosts estrogen that helps fight off stress. Say goodbye to the high levels of stress you have during the day, because your body is better equipped to deal with it.

So, at this point I know you must be in! Join the families already taking advantage of this simple method to create a better life for yourself. Start with one walk a week and gradually add another when you are ready. Let us know how it goes!!

~ Plant Trainers

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