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It Starts With You…when it comes to a birthday party (among many other things).


Birthday parties these days are out of control. The costs are high and the amount of waste put into our landfills and junk put into our children’s tummies should be illegal!


This year for our daughter’s 4th birthday party we decided to be role models and do it our way. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all carrot sticks and hippie games. We found a balance that worked for us all.


I didn’t outsource the entertainment for this birthday party. WHAT? Ya. I planned it myself, just like when we were kids. We had a painting activity and a bouncy castle to start. Then the children went to the basement where my 6 year old son had set up a little blowing alley, a basketball net and a beanbag toss game. We already owned these games so no money spent there. Finally, the children decorated biodegradable planters. We then planted a beautiful organic strawberry plant into each planter. We bought the plants from our local farmer from whom we buy our vegetables weekly. We ordered them in advance and they acted as the loot bag. 

I was so proud of our strawberry loot. Often loot bags are plastic toys that break so fast and go straight to landfills. Don’t forget all the extra junk food and sugar that comes home with the kids too. Who needs that? Our plants were sustainable, delicious, promoted responsibility and gardening. Most of all they contained thought and love. So many parents commented on what a good idea this was and they could see our family’s values being represented and passed on to other families at this birthday party. 

As for the food being served… When it was time for cake, the kids were given a home made strawberry banana smoothie. We sang happy birthday and gave out homemade gluten-free and vegan cupcakes. Most kids didn’t even finish their cupcake because they were full from the smoothie. We also had veggie and fruit platters and one bowl of plain chips. We were satisfied with what we were serving and there were no complaints about the lack of unhealthy junk being served. 


Overall, we did this birthday party our way and it worked. We did not give in to the overpriced over-sugared parties. With a little bit of thought and good planning we threw a party we were proud of.


Shoshana Chaim
~ Plant Trainers
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