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In this episode of Hey Plant Trainers, we answer a question about finding coffee alternatives to help boost energy. Everyone is looking for an advantage and many use coffee to give them a boost. Is coffee the ideal energy source? Or are there coffee alternatives that could be better? What about using those energy drinks? Here is Eli’s question: “Hey Plant Trainers, I am always looking for foods or beverages I can consume that will give me a boost of energy for a workout or just to keep me focused on a task at hand. I’ve tried coffee many times and find that it usually gets me all jittery and shaken up. Is there something I can consume other than coffee that can give me a boost without those side effects?


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16 thoughts on “Coffee Alternatives To Boost Energy – PTP076”
  1. Avatar Mitch Albom

    I agree strongly with what you discussed in this podcast. I always enjoy energy drinks, coffee and other beverages and foods to get through long task and even before a big game. I find it usually doesn’t cause jitters but occasionally doesn’t work. Often I find myself sleeping for a normal period of time and still find that I am tired. You discussed tea made from a plant, energy bits, fruits which I thought was a new recommendation that I haven’t heard before and a healthy and efficient option for task to accomplish. I think it is important for people to know more about the harms of things like coffee, red bull, 6 hour energy because many people use this as a source of energy and often we forget the harmful effects of these products. Furthermore, I would like you talked a lot about all natural ingredients as a good boost and adding sugar is another option, does the sugar help boost energy or is it like coffee where you eventually get a crash. Very good podcast I strongly believe that this message can be passed on to adults and kids, as many people who use coffee as a boost can really be using boost like these. Great podcast overall I learned many new tricks from this.

    • Avatar admin

      The natural sugars from fruit provide a boost of energy without the crash of caffeine. Don’t recommend adding refined sugar to anything!

  2. Avatar Danielle

    Thank you for this very insightful podcast! I learned that people can actually get addicted to coffee but it may not be the healthiest option, so there are other healthier ways to get the caffeine boost to start your day or workout. I did not know that coffee can disagree with people’s stomachs and can cause them pain or problems. I also learned that there is a natural tea with caffeine which can make you more awake so you do not need to start your day with a cup of coffee. This way I can feel more awake, but not have the side effects coffee can give me, as well as it can give me a boost of energy. I also did not know that one could have green algae which is a great source of energy and makes you feel good. I also like how they make it in a tablet form and you can mix it into food if you want. I did not know that foods like bananas and dates are rich in the good kind of carbohydrates and sugars which are clean and a good energy boost. I completely agree that sleep plays an important role in people’s performance. I also agree that natural ingredients are the best types to put into your foods. I find that clean eating and getting rid of foods full of chemicals make me feel better and give me more energy. Personally, I find that when I sleep more, I do not even need the caffeine and I am able to focus and stay on task more. I also liked that you mentioned how everyone reacts differently to different foods so you have to try and experiment and try different things to find what is good for you. One question I have is what makes the caffeine in coffee so much worse than caffeine found in other foods? Thanks again for the great podcast!

    • Avatar admin

      It’s not so much that the caffeine in coffee is bad, it’s more that many people have side-effects or reactions to it rather than the caffeine that comes from Yerba Mate or Green Teas.

  3. Avatar Jordan

    First off, I really enjoyed your podcast. I try my best to do as much physical activities as I can, so I am always “looking for that extra push”. But, for some reason I am always extremely tired, and I never knew why? So, I started drinking Coffee and other energy substances. But, what I learnt today is that although Coffee (caffeine) may work, there are healthier alternatives. Also, the energy substances are not natural and are made with chemicals. I also learned that sleep plays a very significant role on how you perform during the day and while you are working or training. So, getting more sleep will be the first step of how I am going to get that “extra push” naturally. The second step is finding those healthier alternative for Coffee and other energy substances. As explained in the podcast there are MANY healthier alternatives. Such as, Yerba Mate Tea which comes from a natural plant, and has natural caffeine in it, just like coffee. The difference between Yerba Mate Tea’s caffeine and caffeine from a cup of Coffee, is that Yerba Mate Tea won’t give people the same side affects that coffee has (ex.jitters). Another option is Energy Bits, which is made up of 100% natural green algae. I learned that Algae gives you a ton of omega threes, its 4% protein, has 40 vitamins and antioxidants, and it is an incredible source of energy. The last healthy alternative spoken about in this podcast was “real foods” like Bananas, Date, apples, which are rich in carbohydrates, good sugars, gives you a very good energy boost, they are all easy for your body to digest, which allows you to use that energy for other things other than digestion. With all of this new information I am going to try to use the healthier alternative to get that “extra push”, but Coffee is really easy to get and is quick and taste good. Are these healthy alternatives (Yerba Meta Tea and Energy Bits) available at a convenient place like Coffee, so whenever I need to train or do work I can go get some for a natural and clean boost?

    • Avatar admin

      All you need to do is have the Yerba Mate or ENERGYBits in your home so you can drink/eat them whenever you want to. Coffee isn’t bad for you unless (like most people) you overdo it or have undesirable side-effects from it.

  4. Avatar Jenna

    Thank you so much for the insight that I received by you answering this question. Personally, I can really relate to this question as I am a very big coffee drinker and tend to be dependant on it on days when I feel physically drained. However, as you mentioned I also experience those horrible side effects of the coffee which I feel are not worth the boost I receive, which at times can be minimal. This podcast taught me alternate natural sources in which I can obtain caffeine to get that extra boost. You mentioned healthier options such as Yerba Maté tea which does boost your energy however is unaccompanied by those horrible side effects. I also learned that sleep is essential to prevent the need for an extra uplift, and that it is important to be conscious of the time in which one is doing these activities as that could contribute to their energy deficiency. Additionally, I was able to understand that there are also certain whole foods that are natural like bananas, which can provide the important nutrients and lack those chemicals found in other caffeinated products. For me, the most important point you highlighted was the significance of experimentation through these recommendations, to identify differing body types and how they might react whilst using these products. I agree with all parts of this podcast and points which were highlighted as I constantly experience days where I need that extra lift and that natural supplements are the true and clean way to obtain energy rather than those filled with chemicals.

    1. Its known that caffeine in coffee prevents sleep, however does the natural caffeine found in Yerba Maté tea have the same effect?

    2. Is there a recommended limit on the amount of caffeine consumed per day?

    3. Caffeine is known as having the ability to stunt growth, is this true?

    • Avatar admin

      Actually it’s been said that Yerba Mate can produce deeper sleep in some cases. According to the Mayo Clinic, up to 400mg of caffeine per day is safe for most healthy adults (seems like a lot to me), but adolescents should limit themselves to 100mg per day. 1 cup of coffee a day is ok for most people. If caffeine causes you undesired side effects, you should consume less. Caffeine stunting growth is a myth! The downside to coffee is that it is also acidic in the body.

  5. Avatar Matthew Gould

    First of all Thank you for a great podcast! I learnt in this episode, that contrary to popular belief there are many other ways to start your day off with boost, rather than just a cup of coffee. I learnt that there are not just OTHER options but more likely then not they are BETTER options for your health and your performance ability. You can stick to having supplements or energy boosting products, but in addition to the there are many whole foods that can provide that same boost you are looking for with out the harmful side effects of having a cup of coffee every morning. Things like apples, bananas, and dates are great whole foods that will allow you to start off your day with energy and eliminate the unnecessary intake of coffee. I also learnt that some people need that energy boost in the morning, and because of that they get addicted to coffee, which is again another side effect that having whole foods or other energy boosting products, will get rid of. Overall i really agreed with the message being presented, that a coffee isn’t necessary and there are plenty of other alternatives to boost energy. Although i am not big on having algae, i think having whole foods in the morning is something that would be very effective and have a positive impact on my life, it’s something i look forward to trying in the near future.

    • Avatar admin

      Good luck! Go for those whole foods – coffee does have a place, just isn’t the only option and not always the best one for everybody.

  6. Avatar Ori

    Hey Plant Trainers! Thanks for another great podcast. This podcast really helped me understand the basics of losing that drowsy, unmotivated feeling that hits me in the afternoon. I have taken the advice you have supplied the community with in this podcast into personal account and I have found that it is very effective. I have issues when I drink coffee and refrain from it and have been drinking teas more often when I need it and they are great. Now that I have been getting better sleeps and supplementing my diet with healthier alternatives, I have been feeling great. The only problem I have been experiencing is hunger. When I swap out a wrap for an apple and another fruit to allow myself to intake more nutritious foods, I find that the feeling of being full lasts for a shorter duration. Is there anyway to pass that feeling or is it just a side effect of being a teenage boy? Thanks again for the great podcast!

    • Avatar admin

      Remember, you don’t need to eat until you feel full. Eat until you feel satisfied – there’s a big difference! Swapping a wrap for a fruit isn’t a fair exchange unless you’re eating many fruits. It’ll take some time, but add a nut butter to your apple and you’ll see a big difference over just eating the apple. Thanks!

  7. Avatar Eli

    Great Podcast! much appreciated. I’ll be sure to check out yerba mate tea, haven’t heard of it before. (:

    • Avatar admin

      Thanks! There are so many flavors of Yerba Mate available. I like the ginger/lemon ones…let us know what you like!

  8. Avatar Lauren

    This podcast really help me understand different ways to get energy without having to drink coffee every morning. Its good to know that I can use fruits like bananas to get energy.

    • Avatar admin

      Awesome…fruits are gold! Drinking too much coffee can be a big problem and not worth it for many.

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