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In today’s episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast we talk to Kathy Smart about eating for your body type. Kathy certainly lives up to her reputation as a triple threat in the health and wellness space. She is a registered holistic nutritionist who wrote the best-selling cookbook Live The Smart Way; which is a Cordon Blue approved cookbook and Canada’s 2015 Fitness Presenter of the Year (along side her American Counterpart Jillian Michaels).

Kathy Smart is best known as North America’s Gluten-Free expert she is a popular speaker, health and fitness presenter and the go-to media expert in all things health and wellness. In 2015, Kathy launched the much-anticipated Live The Smart Way Expo, her personally branded Canada-wide consumer Expo to a rousing success and is now Canada’s Largest Health and Wellness Trade Show. She was recently awarded the Leading Women Award by the Canadian Government for raising health awareness across the country and was also named a 2015 Winner of the Top 40 Under 40 Business Achievement Award (Ottawa Business Journal).

Kathy Smart has been featured around the world as the leading expert in Healthy Gluten-Free living and is a Chatelaine Magazine recipe developer. She was recently named one of the Top 50 Most Influential Social Media Tweeters according to the Huffington Post and has been seen on many TV talk shows.

Today we talk to Kathy about fruit. Wait…before you say “what? Fruit” hear us out. Kathy describes her system of comparing one’s body type to fruit in order to decide how they should best eat and exercise for optimal health. Find out what kind of body type category Adam and Shoshana fall into and find out a little more about what kind of fruit you are and what may be holding you back from your optimal health!


In this episode we discuss:

  • Friends
  • Dr. Abravanel
  • How to eat for you body type
  • How to exercise for your body type
  • Pears
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Papples!
  • Back to the basics
  • Eat vegetables like it’s your job
  • White vegetables…white potatoes
  • Live The Smart Way Expo
  • Vote with your dollars
  • 3 Actionable tips for a healthier you


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Live The Smart Way with Kathy Smart – PTP008


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22 thoughts on “Eating For Your Body Type with Kathy Smart – PTP159”
  1. This episode taught me which exercises and foods will help benefit me personally according to which body type category I fall in (banana.) Thank you so much, it was very eye-opening and helpful!

  2. Avatar Josh Einhorn

    I have learnt many things from this podcast i am extremely glad i listened to it as i have learned a lot it has truly changed my perspective on nutrition. what really jumped out at me during the podcast was that nutrition is not as simple as food plans make it seem, everyones bodies are different and everyone needs a different plan.

    • Avatar admin

      Every-body is unique and should be treated that way!

  3. Avatar Dylan Klein

    I really enjoyed listening to this podcast and actually learned a lot about how I should be combining my workouts and nutrition. I plan to learn more in the future on nutrition and fitness, and expand on what I have learned before and from this podcast.

    • Avatar admin

      Awesome! Great to hear and thanks for the feedback!

  4. Avatar Uri Buriev

    This podcast was a great eye opener for myself. Kathy mentions how someone might eat cheese and then their body reacts negatively and she speaks about the importance of listening to our own bodies and eating the foods our body reacts best to. Nowadays its so easy to pick up a processed meal from the grocery with a long list of ingredients we cant pronounce simply because its convenient and requires minimal effort to prepare. The more I learn about nutrition, the more apparent it becomes how we should put in the extra effort to avoid these types of foods because although they might taste good, we have to consider the harm it does to us.

    • Avatar admin

      So true Uri. The little extra effort will make a very big difference in the long run!

  5. Avatar Marci Jacobs

    This was an extremely informative and interesting podcast. I felt as though I am able to take the information I learnt from this podcast and apply it to my everyday life.

  6. Avatar Stephanie Fleming

    I enjoyed this podcast as I was provided with specific and realistic ways to feel healthy and happy, physically, socially, emotionally and mentally. She didn’t just say don’t eat, but gave way to have a good relationship with food and feeling amazing no matter what body type you are.

    • Avatar admin

      Building a healthy relationship with food is extremely important. Thanks for listening!

  7. Avatar Benji Maged

    After listening to Kathy Smart talk about “Eating For Your Body Type” I learned a couple of different things. I learned that these trainers that give everyone the same plan won’t work. Just because the plan worked for that specific person doesn’t mean it will work for the next person. Everyone is different and they need to create their own workout plan based off what suits them best. I now know that I have to be careful when looking at weight loss companies like herbal magic because a lot of these companies will not help me improve my health. I learned that we can adjust how we eat with small substitutes for example replacing coffee with green tea to satisfy our need for caffeine. By making these small changes we will slowly adjust to improve our lifestyle. The best lesson I learned that I can take away from the podcast is that if it isn’t in the house you can’t eat it. By making smart decisions when shopping we can shape our eating habits to better improve our health.

    • Avatar admin

      Thanks Benji…it’s so important that we understand that each person is different and deserves different treatment when it comes to nutrition and fitness! Cookie cutter plans don’t do us justice!

  8. Avatar Rachel Mann

    Thank you so much for this episode it taught me a lot not only about different body types but also my own body type and the ways to improve my health and lifestyle.

    • Avatar admin

      Thanks Rachel…glad it was helpful!

  9. Avatar Josh M

    For anyone who is struggling to grapple with their nutrition, weight or fitness regimen, I am confident this podcast will be especially helpful!

  10. Avatar Daniel

    Going into this I was really intrigued of what Kathy Smart had to say. I really wanted to understand my body and what i should be able to eat. Every persons body is different and i really do agree with that. I enjoyed this episode, this helped me.

    • Avatar admin

      Thanks Daniel, glad this episode was helpful!

  11. Avatar Leah Bertler

    I would like to thank you for this great episode that taught me about my body type as well as different exercises and foods that are suitable for it.

    • Avatar admin

      Thanks for your feedback, glad it could help!

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