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In today’s episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast we talk to the Yogi Triathlete, Jess and BJ Gumkowski about high vibes. High vibes is the state we all want to be in – feeling good, moving with the flow of life and being our very best positive selves. We talk about how our exercise, the people we interact with, the food we eat, getting still and the way we talk and think all affect our vibes. Jess shares how she used to be a very low vibe person (she was kind and caring, just not so much to herself) and how she made small changes to be the high energy, positive thinking, trail running Yogi Triathlete she is today. There is a really great connection between the 4 of us on this show and we hope you feel it!

Jess is Head Yogi at Yogi Triathlete. She is a yoga instructor, meditation teacher, multi-time Ironman triathlete, ultra runner and podcaster. Jess is a Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator and author of the Yogi Triathlete Cookbook: High Vibe Recipes for the Athlete Appetite. She credits mindfulness practices and high vibrational eating with creating significant and meaningful changes in her health, career, and relationships; and holds both essential to peak performance in sport and life. Jess has well over a decade of experience working with athletes on body and mind mastery.

BJ is an 11x Ironman triathlete, yoga instructor, podcaster, personal trainer and mindfulness-based triathlon and running coach. His zeal for life is infectious as is his passion for serving those around him in achieving their greatest dreams.

BJ’s mindfulness practice was born out of his darkest night and has since become a focal point of his training. He is certified in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center from Nutrition Studies and is currently one of the top Ironman triathletes in the USA and he’s doing it all on plants.

Together they are on a mission to create a better world by changing the face of athleticism, teaching mindfulness, sharing stories through the Yogi Triathlete podcast and promoting a healthy lifestyle through plant-based nutrition.


In this episode we discuss:

  • What is Yogi Triathlete?
  • Triathlon life – athletes and sherpas
  • Getting into yoga practice
  • Yoga supports triathlon training
  • High vibes
  • Getting still to be a better person
  • Getting still for athletes
  • Meditation
  • Becoming plant-based
  • Mindful eating
  • Vegan dog food
  • Yogi Triathlete Cookbook


Links to things we mentioned:

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Yogi Triathlete – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube

M21 Mindful Living Challenge

Yogitriathlete Cookbook, High Vibe Recipes for the Athlete Appetite By Jess Gumkowski

Mendocino Coast 50k

Yummy Foods Activity Book For Kids

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