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In this episode of the Plant Trainers Podcast, we take you back in time to our awesome show on the sport of triathlon. Since the season has already begun and there are so many listeners who are heading into this sport this year we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss all these important tips. You can get very overwhelmed with what to do and what to buy, so we simplified it for you in this episode so you don’t get carried away.

We know there are some of you out there who are thinking, I am interested in triathlon, but I missed the last three months of training, so I’ll wait for next year. But the truth is, there is no need to wait. As you will hear in this podcast, there are shorter distances you can get into. As long as you can walk, balance on a bike and swim to save your life or do back crawl, a little bit of planned practice can get you through a tiny intro to the sport. And of course, you can just start training in the three disciplines throughout this season and see how you feel in a few months. If you’re really not ready, you’ve got a head start for the next season.

Since we first recorded this episode a few things have changed. Adam has become a much stronger swimmer than he ever was. This had to do with a bit of correction and some good swim programs Adam designed. But mostly from just putting in the time in the pool. Oh, and he has completed Ironman Louisville (his 2nd) since the recording as well. We forgot to mention that ENERGYbits is something we both used as an energy source and the RECOVERYbits are part of our regime too. They are light, easy to ingest and can be even eaten on the course.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Equipment
  • Types of races
  • Training
  • Fueling with solids and liquids
  • Transitions
  • The course
  • Packing
  • Community
  • Porta potties and all the gross stuff
  • Bike check
  • Starts
  • Rest and recovery
  • Kid’s Tris
  • Choosing a bike


Links to things we mentioned:

#TrainingForLife T-Shirt

Energybits – use code “PlantTrainers” for 20% off

Ride to Conquer Cancer

Three Simple Words Changed My Life

Multisport Canada

Subaru Triathlon Series


Transition Area Pic

Video – Changing A Flat Tire

Triathlon Blog 101 with DOWNLOADABLE CHECKLIST

Blog of Adam’s stolen bike

Natural Anti-inflammatory Shot Recipe

Body Glide

Speed Laces

Running Hat



Garmin 910XT

Compression Socks

Calf Sleeves

Amrita Gear – use code “PlantTrainers” for 15% off

Bib Race Belt

Rudy Project Helmet

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles

Nineteen wetsuit

Speedo Endurance+ Swim Jammer


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