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In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk with Kedarji all about how to become happy and achieve true happiness. In his company, people learn the daily rituals and methods of the most spiritually-powerful, happiest, and healthiest people on the planet and he shares some of that with us today. We talk about gratitude, epigenetics, being happy, and meditation. We especially love the meditation we do right here during the episode. Let us know if you can feel us have an energy shift after that occurs.

Kedarji is a holistic well-being visionary, natural healing scientist, and yoga science/meditation master who has a reputation of leading with love. He is the Founder of The Bhakta School of Transformation, an Ohio-based not-for-profit public charity devoted to lasting Inner Peace and Total Well-Being. The Bhakta School of Transformation offers holistic wellness coaching, plant-based nutrition coaching, and holistic healing practitioner certification. Evidence-based research in holistic well-being alternatives is also offered. In this regard, most notably is Kedarji’s work in coaching people in the reversal and healing of diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome. Programs are also offered in Meditation and Chanting methods for spiritual growth and overall well-being.

With his Ecology of Well-Being and 4 Pillars of Total Well-Being as the foundation – The Spiritual Power, Improved Mental State, Emotional Resilience, and Vibrant Health – he leads students in an exact science for both wisdom and well-being.

Kedarji is the author of several books, including How To Live Strong & Be Happy. Learn The Daily Rituals of The Most Spiritually-Powerful, Happiest and Healthiest People On The Planet.
For The Love of Greed (a work about greed and social responsibility).
How To Be Fearless, Happy and Resilient In The Age of Noise and Distractions. (a video home-study course and weekend retreat).

He is also the co-producer and host of the Whole Life Transformation Summit, an annual virtual summit conference of experts in the field of holistic healing, well-being, plant-based nutrition (WFPB) and vibrant health.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Children and happiness
  • Satisfaction vs. Happy
  • What happens when the mind is quiet
  • Finding plant-based and healing
  • Achievement and emotion
  • A meditation
  • Making the mind stronger
  • Thank you and gratitude
  • Why are people hesitant to meditate
  • Epigenetics and our personalities
  • Whole Life Transformational summit


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