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Still Not Sleeping asks:

Hey Plant Trainers, I read everything you have on sleep. I need more suggestions.

Thanks for your question, Still Not Sleeping.

There are so many suggestions that we can make to help people get a good night sleep. And as you know we have written about this before Asterix link here astrix

The body is a  tricky thing. Different people have different schedules. Some people have small children that keep them up all night. Some people work shifts.  and some people never give their mind a chance to release everything that they’re thinking about and they just stay up worrying all night.

Here’s a little bit more about what you should know about sleep.

As your body goes through the day it goes through various levels of energy. This is affected by activities, hormones, nutrition and more. Keeping this in mind, if you’re doing things to stimulate yourself at night you are sending your body a message that it is time to stay up and play and not wind down for sleep. You may not have trouble falling asleep, but your body may not get into proper sleeping rhythms, having you wake in the morning unreasoned and quite lethargic.

The very best you can do for yourself at night is to give your body a chance to relax before you actually try to fall asleep. There are many different methods if you could take to do this.

Having a nighttime routine is a really great way to start to tell the body it’s time to get ready for a restful sleep.

Be mindful of what you eat before bed. Drinking coffee isn’t the afternoon, having too much (or any) chocolate before bed or even eating a heavy meal late at night may have an effect on the quality of sleep you are getting at night.

Sleep in the dark. Turn off as many lights, flashes and devices as you can at night is a great way to sleep well and stay asleep at night. If you are scared of the dark, just check under the bed before turning off the lights.

For more tips on getting a restful night’s sleep, listen here

Want to know what Dr. Wells has to say about sleep? Click here.

Where can you make improvements to your sleeping habits today?

~ Plant Trainers

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