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PTP404 I Am A Peaceful Goldfish Shoshana Chaim
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In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk about Shoshana’s new book, I Am A Peaceful Goldfish that hits bookstores EVERYWHERE TODAY! This is super exciting as we are normally helping others share about their books and 6 years later, Shoshana’s book is finally here. We are hoping to get to #1 best seller on Amazon TODAY, or this week, so if you are looking for a gift for a 0-7-year-old, have an upcoming baby shower, or are simply a collector of amazing books, please head to Amazon and get your copy now. We know some people are donating copies to their local libraries or elementary schools.

I Am a Peaceful Goldfish teaches kids and families about playful breathing techniques that we can use to overcome our anxiety and feel calm and grounded.
When we are overcome with emotions, our breath—and a bit of imagination—can bring us back to a peaceful place. In this simple story, two children learn how to settle their feelings with imaginative breathing techniques, pretending they are elephants, flowers, even dragons!
This charming book teaches even the youngest readers fun ways to be mindful, relieve anxiety, and regain control over their bodies and actions—an essential and easy-to-learn life skill.

Stay tuned to the end to hear Dr. Dean Ornish’s endorsement of the book!

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In this episode we discuss:

  • I Am a Peaceful Goldfish
  • Why mindfulness for children is important
  • The process of writing a kids book
  • Mindfulness at school
  • Mindfulness at home
  • Fun mindfulness activities for families 
  • Creating a calmer environment for kids 
  • Navigate a changing world
  • What Dr. Dean Ornish had to say

Links to things we mentioned:

I Am A Peaceful Goldfish by Shoshana Chaim – (Canada link)

I Am A Peaceful Goldfish by Shoshana Chaim – (USA link)

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