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A few weeks ago I wrote about ways to keep your family active. I have had some requests for ways to keep your kids happy, occupied and active in the confines of your own home. It is no accident that I have spent my teaching career as a preschool and physical education teacher. I was born to come up with ideas to keep my kids active, thinking and busy at home.


Scavenger Hunt:

I have to give my son credit for this. He took a bunch of sticky notes and wrote an alphabet letter on each one. Then we had to run around the main floor of the house looking for them. Your kids can take turns doing this for each other. You can even set this up the night before. Then when your kids wake in the morning, tell them not to come back into the room until they have found all 26! You’ll thank me for the extra rest you get in bed, while you’re keeping your kids active!


Homemade Obstacle Course:

You can set anything up that your kids can imagine. Get them involved in the planning. You can use store bought tunnels (35$ at IKEA) or use a row of open bridge chairs with blankets to create the same effect. Place a hula hoop in the course and have them do 10 jumping jacks or burpies. Use a blanket to determine a pushup spot and a towel for a 10 second crazy dance. Get your ottoman for a monkey mountain climb. The options are endless and this is a sure way the keep kids active!


Yoga Video:

Order a yoga video online or buy one in your local bookstore. Do it with your kids the first few times and then watch them become independent. A sure way to keep kids active!



I’m not promoting video playing but there are awesome dance video games that will keep kids active and dancing as they copy the moves. If you don’t have a video console, check out some of the YouTube videos and let them copy that. Don’t forget to preview the YouTube clip first to make sure it’s appropriate the whole way through. 



My “job” as a kid was picking up all the small sticks and twigs around the cottage before my dad cut the grass. My yard at home is much smaller, but the kids often help me pick up sticks, weeds and fallen plums from our plum tree. It’s great to keep busy, somewhat active, and spend time together. The kids love wearing the gardening gloves and this certainly keeps kids active!


Thanks for your feedback.  I want to write what you are interested in.


Shoshana Chaim
~ Plant Trainers

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