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In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk to you about the Plant Trainers Podcast. But seriously, we do. We get a lot of questions like “you have over 250 episodes, where should I start?” and  “what is your best podcast about heart disease? ” So now we made a little bit of an index for you.

Why is this valuable you may ask? First of all, if you are new to the show and interested in disease reversal, families, or running, you know exactly where to start. If you have been with us for a long time, you will be reminded of some great shows and you can listen to them again. We know how hard it is to retain all the information, so now you can go back and listen and absorb the information you are ready to hear.

And finally, you can share this podcast with a loved one or friend. Maybe plant-based nutrition is not their thing (yet), but running or strength training is. Share those episodes with them and then before you know it they will be learning about plant-based nutrition. So go back and listen to your favorite topics and share away!


In this episode we discuss:

Via Source

Via Biome

Disease Prevention

  • Busting The Protein Myth with Dr. Garth Davis – PTP212
  • Dementia and The Alzheimer’s Solution with Team Sherzai – PTP252
  • Mastering Diabetes with The Mindful Diabetic Robby Barbaro – PTP177
  • The Big Picture and Changing The Game with Dr. James Loomis – PTP246


  • Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn – PTP149
  • Reversing Heart Disease with Dr. Joel Kahn – PTP091
  • Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease with Jane Esselstyn – PTP123


  • Probiotics & Fermentation with the HappyGutMD, Dr. Will Bulsiewicz – PTP219
  • Your Gut Microbiome and Health with Dr. Chiti Parikh – PTP204

Family and Children

  • Healthy Habits In Times Of Change with Dr Pamela Fergusson RD – PTP279
  • Plant-Based Paediatrics with Dr. Reshma Shah – PTP270
  • The Truth About Dairy with Dr. Jennifer Singh – PTP202


  • Deep Dark Depression & Eating For Eaternity with Jason Wrobel – PTP137
  • Ultimate Weight Loss with Chef AJ – PTP211
  • Compassionate Living with The Buddhist Chef, Jean-Philippe Cyr – PTP241


  • Running The Parks with Bill Sycalik – PTP169
  • Trail Running with The Rock Creek Runner, Doug Hay – PTP239
  • Running Raw To A Compassionate Approach with Tim Van Orden – PTP161


  • Vegan Bodybuilder Robert Cheeke – PTP040
  • Discipline, Change and Family with Guilt Free TV’s Jeff Morgan – PTP257
  • Competing For Confidence with Samantha Shorkey – PTP275
  • Strength Training, Powerlifting and The Mental Edge with Alex Ciccone – PTP243

Mental Health

  • Mental Illness – PTP006
  • The Impact of Nutrition on Mental Health with Dr. Linda Plowright – PTP248
  • Searching For Sero with John Rathwell & Tracy Guenard – PTP203

Transformation stories

  • Eating Potatoes For A Year with Andrew Spud Fit Taylor – PTP173
  • Overcoming Diseases & Giving Back with Shannon Farrell – PTP179
  • The Inspiring & Motivating Josh LaJaunie – PTP207
  • Weight Loss & Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome with Tim Kaufman – PTP209
  • Becoming A Plant-Based Family of 8 with Jessica Dugas – PTP221
  • Surviving A Heart Attack and Being Flatlined with Dave Willits – PTP 251
  • Insulin Shock, Type 1 Diabetes and Reversing Colitis with Joshua Turner – PTP269

Adam’s Pick

  • Making Choices Through Mindset with Howard Jacobson, Josh LaJaunie & Sid Garza-Hillman – PTP189

Shoshana’s Pick

  • The Paleo Debate with Brenda Davis R.D. – PTP210

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