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In this episode of Hey Plant Trainers, Shoshana helps Missa tackle the problem of losing weight without any exercise. It’s important to take a look at your diet and recognize what you are doing right and then see how you can make some changes to see what you can do even better. Whether you eat a vegetarian, plant-based, vegan or omnivore diet, there is usually room for improvements that can lead to losing weight.

Missa Asks: “Hey Plant Trainers, I am restricted from anything that could elevate my heart rate. How can I lose weight strictly by diet? FYI I am the only vegetarian in a family of 5″.



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6 thoughts on “Losing Weight Without Exercise – PTP078”
  1. Avatar Emma Rosin

    Thank you for this very insightful podcast! I really enjoyed it and found it very educational! I found it very interesting how this podcast was able to address the concern of losing weight, but doing it in an alternate way to exercising. I personally am not very fond of exercise, and learned from this podcast of alternate switches I can make to my diet in order to lose weight without necessarily exercising. I learned that it is important to increase the servings of fruits and vegetables one intakes every day because by increasing our natural foods, we are increasing the nutrients in our body and the fruits and veggies will keep us more full and balance out our sugar levels while still allowing us to consume more fibre. I also learned that to help lose weight without exercise, I can add turmeric and flax to my diet because they are good sources of fibre and they bring down inflammation and do great things in our body while fighting off the bad things. In addition, to lose weight I learned to cut out the processed food and find alternatives instead, particularly when looking at salad dressings and sauces. I learned to rather be consuming higher quality dressings or sauces or alternatives such as lemon and avocado because often times these sauces and dresses have unnecessarily high quantities of sugars, fats, and dairy, and it is better to take away these unnecessary processed products that add calories we don’t need. I found it interesting that we should take out dairy when we don’t need it when trying to lose weight and seek alternatives for dairy products instead such as replacing cream cheese with hummus. Lastly, I learned that it is still important to do as much exercise as you can, even if it means just walking around every twenty minutes or so, because it is important for the body to still be moving and to keep active, and that we have to stay hydrated and drink lots of water. My only question is for people who are not vegetarians, do you recommend eating meat and incorporating meat into your diet when trying to lose weight or should you try and cut that out off your diet too? Thank you for this amazing podcast! I am looking forward to implementing some of these tips and strategies to my daily diet and lifestyle!

    • Avatar admin

      We don’t believe meat is necessary in any way to our lifestyle. If you currently eat animal products that’s ok. If we as a society could reduce the amount of animal products or shift to eating none at all, this would be best for our health, our environment, the animals and of course the planet as a whole.

  2. Losing Weight Without Exercise

    Thank you for this podcast, I learned a lot from it! Personally, I am not to keen on exercise but I do want to keep myself healthy. I learned many tips of things to add and take out of my diet in order to be healthy and loose weight without exercise. I learned to add more fruits and vegetables, around 4-6 servings into my diet. This will give me more nutrients, fill me up more as my sugar will not be going up and down all day, give me more fibre and more liquid. I also learned to add tarmac and flax seeds to my diet. They both fight off bad things in the body and flax ups fibre and tarmac brings down inflammation in the body which can help with weight lose. I also learned to take out processed foods and look at the dressing and sauces I use. I should switch to more natural products for dressings like avocado or lemon, which can cut out a lot of unnecessary calories and oils. I also learned to cut out dairy when it is not needed as it is very inflammatory and sometimes puts a lot of weight on people. For example, I can switch the use of cream cheese to something more natural like avocado, homemade guacamole or hummus. I also learned to drink a lot of water and to get up and moving whenever I can. It doesn’t have to be a big long run but it can be a small walk to go get water ever 20 min. Thank you for the insight, I will use these tips and change my diet accordingly!

    Some questions I have are:
    1. What are some other anti inflammatory spices or foods?
    2. How much dairy do you actually need in your diet as cutting all of it out is not good for you?
    3. If you combine these tips with working out, do you need to take away or add anything?

    • Avatar admin

      Thanks for listening Sydney and for those questions…we’ll try to answer them on some future episodes! But who told you cutting our all dairy isn’t good for you?

  3. I conceive you have noted some very interesting details , regards for the post.

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