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Making choices through mindset is our focus in today’s episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast – this one’s a special treat for you! While we were in Marshall Texas for Healthfest, we sat down with Howard Jacobson (from the Plant Yourself Podcast), Josh LaJaunie (you may have seen him on the cover of Runner’s World Magazine) and Sid Garza-Hillman (from the Approaching The Natural Podcast) for an unscripted, unplanned roundtable conversation. You should be warned that we were literally sitting in a warehouse room while it was pouring rain on the tin roof. 

It was very interesting to see the different perspectives of all these great coaches on the subject of mindset. It is clear that mindset, accountability and practical knowledge is something we all feel our clients need more of. Whether you have tried every diet out there, have begun your plant-based journey or are ready to take someone under your wing, we’re sure you’ll find motivation and inspiration about mindset, which will help you and others along with transformation of any kind. We hope you enjoy this show as much as we enjoyed recording it.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Mindset
  • Taking the first steps & not looking at the finish line
  • Staying in the now
  • Breaking up the goal
  • What is debilitating
  • WWID
  • What the heaven
  • Can’t
  • Looking at results
  • Finding your why
  • Breaking the circle
  • What do you really want
  • Be awesome and going beyond the status quo
  • Off the rails


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Sid Garza-Hillman

Josh LaJaunie

Howard Jacobson


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4 thoughts on “Making Choices Through Mindset with Howard Jacobson, Josh LaJaunie & Sid Garza-Hillman – PTP189”
  1. Avatar Vilde

    This episode changed my life. Acutally the whole plant traines podcast has change me. Ive never believed in mindset before, that i just have to deal with stuff cause i cant change anything. I understand mindset now, and how i can use it. Ive kind of wasted my life on not caring and being grumpy cause im just me and i cant do anything. i was listening to this while walking my dog one morning before i was going to study for an exam i had failed previously. I thought i was going to fail again, all because “i cant study, cause i have no control”. Its like a new life opened for me! Everyone else study and get good grades, i can to, i just have to sit down and do it for once! Step by step. The reason ive been avoiding it is because i want to pass so bad, so i just have to do it no matter how boring it is. This is how try to think now, about almost everything. Although some stuff i have to be brave enough to do. Im going to continue learing about mindset and keep listening to your podcast to get those thoughts to stick with me every day. Im grateful for how being vegan led me to your podcast!

    • Avatar admin

      Wow…so thankful for your comments and for listening to our show!
      Just so you know, this episode didn’t change your life…you’re doing it for yourself.
      While this episode may have been the catalyst, you have complete control over what you can and can’t do.
      Everything we do in life is a choice.
      Be well and do well on that exam…because you can!

  2. Avatar Melynda

    If we’re walking and we fall down, we don’t go back to where we started; we get up and go on. This was a complete ‘wow’ for me. Seems so simple and so obvious, but I had never related that to eating or fitness.

    This is a very valuable conversation. Thank you, all, for taking the time and caring so much.

    • Avatar admin

      Boom! It’s crazy how simple things can be, sometimes it’s a matter of perspective.
      Thanks for listening!

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