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In this episode of Hey Plant Trainers, we answer a question that surrounds motivation when it comes time to go to the gym and get your workout done. Here is Jim’s question: I have a routine of going to the gym, but lately it’s been tough. It’s dark when I leave my house and dark when I come home. It’s also quite cold outside and there are days when I just don’t feel like doing my workouts. How can I motivate myself to get to the gym and do my workouts on the days where I just don’t feel like it?


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13 thoughts on “Motivation For Workouts & Rewards – PTP064”
  1. Avatar Gabriel Shubat

    I forgot to mention this in my previous comment. I am curious on how I can increase muscle mass, but not in a sense of tone, but bulk. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Avatar admin

      It will depend on you specific goal. The key would be to make sure you don’t lose functionality, so I’d want to know why you’d like to achieve that goal and then I’d be better able to guide you. Good question…maybe we’ll use it for another podcast!

  2. Avatar Gabriel Shubat

    I really enjoyed this podcast in particular as I currently need the extra push to work out more often, and specifically, to start swimming again. I liked the idea about thinking in prospect as to what you will achieve, setting a goal that you can look forward to reaching in the future. I learned that no matter what it is that I want to get out of my workout or swim, the only way to actually do it, is to get up and actually do it. I like how you emphasized the idea of goal setting. To me it is important to have that goal and to strive in order to fulfill that goal. I also think it is important to add that there are people who disagree with your choices on how to workout or what your current goal for your body image should be, and it is also important to ignore those who tell you “you don’t need to do that” or “that is too much” “you are being unrealistic”. Set your goal and ignore all the negativity that comes along with it as they can be demotivates. Mind you that it is important to not put physical strain on your body. All in all I think that this podcast can be thought of universally and connect to any situation where one isn’t motivated to do something. This Podcast has given opened up my eyes to the many benefits of personal fitness and will slowly try to get myself more active in the gym. Thank you, I found this extremely helpful!

    • Avatar admin

      You are capable of achieving anything you choose to. Set your goals high and go get them!

  3. Avatar Bailey Stern

    I really enjoyed listening to the podcast! I agree, working out is hard and getting the motivation to go to the gym is even more difficult. I thought that the podcast was amazing and shared many useful tips. Some of them I already do myself and others I will have to try the next time I need some workout motivation. The podcast focused on the question of: How can one motivate themselves to go to the gym on days where they do not feel in the mood to workout? I can relate to this question, I find it very difficult in the winter to find the motivation to get myself out of the house and to the gym. After a long day at school the last thing I want to do is workout when it is dark and cold outside. I agree that it can be very difficult to get to the point of working out, however as stated in the podcast, once you finish working out you will feel that much better. The Plant Trainers mentioned a key thing that happens when working out, which is that getting to the gym is the most difficult part of it all. Once there, one is able to push themselves and feel energized and rejuvenated from the workout. In the podcast the Plant Trainers stated nine main tips on how to motivate one to workout and further reward oneself following the workout. The first thing mentioned in the video is how essential it is to set a goal prior to working out. I agree with this notion, I feel whenever I personally set a goal and stick to it, I tend to try harder not to miss a workout session. When motivated to reach a certain goal one cannot simply skip a workout session as they know that if they do this their goal will never be achieved. In the podcast they also mentioned how helpful it can be to listen to something or watch a video during your workout. You can even put together a motivational playlist or soundtrack. Maybe even a podcast! I think this is a great idea, as I know that whenever I listen to music it helps me to stay focused on the exercise and push myself to try harder. The next idea that they mentioned in the podcast I found to be really clever. I have never tried this before and will definitely have to do this in the future. The Plant Trainers mentioned that by putting your workout in your calendar it can help motivate one to workout. As if you treat the session as an important appointment or job that you cannot miss, it will force you to take the time out and make a serious effort to workout. I thought this was a really good idea and think this idea could help me become more motivated in my workouts. The next idea they suggested was to ask a friend to go with you to the gym. This will make one more accountable and less likely to skip the workout session. Whenever I workout with a friend, I feel I become much more motivated. It becomes less of a burden and more of a fun activity. I will be sure to follow these useful tips! As I usually tend to find myself doing the same type of workouts I will mix them up as suggested in the podcast. I think that by spicing up my workout routine it will make it more fun and enjoyable. I look forward to trying new classes like zumba, spinning and kick boxing. I have always wanted to try these activities and have been in too much of a workout rut to try them. This video has motivated me to try these new activities and break out of my set routine. Another useful tip given in the podcast was to reward yourself once you finish your workout. Whenever I think of rewarding myself after workouts I usually turn to chocolates, cake, ice cream and unhealthy treats. This podcast has showed me that a reward can be something healthy. You can treat yourself to something that is nutritious like a smoothie or a salad. I will be sure to try this new reward system! However once in a while I think it is okay to reward yourself with a yummy treat, even if it is not the healthiest of foods. I agree with all the ideas and tips mentioned in this video. Many I already use myself and others I will be sure to implement into my workouts.

    Does the setting of the workout contribute to the effectiveness of the workout itself? Is it better to workout at home or in a gym? Is it better to workout while following a live instructor or is it the same watching a class on the television?

    What are some smoothie recipes that one could make after finishing different exercises and workouts? Is there specific vegetables and fruits that are beneficial to eat following a workout?

    Thanks again for sharing and I will be sure to use these helpful tips!

    • Avatar admin

      Thanks for the review and great questions that we’ll get to in some of our other episodes!

  4. Avatar Sarah Farkas

    I really enjoyed this podcast! Sometimes I become unmotivated or bored with my workouts and this defiantly gave me some good tips on how to stay motivated. I learned that setting a specific calendar reminder for my workouts will help me keep dedicated and on task when I think about getting my exercise for the day. Another useful tip was joining workout classes or changing up your workout routine. I find myself doing a lot of cardio but I now know that to make it more enjoyable I should try to do more muscle workouts. Also by joining a class I am guaranteed to do something I enjoy at a specific time with people that also enjoy doing the same thing as me. I agree with everything you said in this podcast, especially the idea of changing up the workouts. One question I have is what should I do if I try all these tips but I am still not finding myself getting excited or motivated for workouts? Thanks for the awesome content!

    • Avatar admin

      By thinking that way, you’re already setting yourself up not to stay excited and motivated about your workouts. Your mindset is just as important as enjoying the activity you choose!

  5. Avatar Rony Malev

    Thanks for all the tips, I will definitely try them out! I really enjoyed this podcast as I found the methods were really simple and very doable. I definitely agree that joining a class is a great method as it changes up one’s workout routine and ensures that the workouts don’t become a chore but rather a fun way to be active. The one thing I disagree on was setting high expectations as I think some people give up when they see they aren’t close to achieving their goal and stop working out completely. Once again, thanks for sharing!

    • Avatar admin

      I hear you, the point is to set high expectations…big goals, with smaller goals along the way.

  6. Avatar Lauren Hytman

    This was a great podcast! The tips were very helpful and realistic. I will be sure to try some of the tips such as writing workouts down in a calendar, listening to music/watching a show, and rewarding myself after I work out. One thing I slightly disagree with is working out with a friend because I find everyone works out at their own pace and has their own routine.

    • Avatar admin

      You’re right Lauren, training with a friend can be challenging…but if you can find a partner that trains at your level – it can be awesome!

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