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Many times I’ve been told or I’ve heard that The China Study is meaningless simply because it isn’t a double blind study and therefore can’t prove anything.
To me, the research is pretty convincing.  The fact that plants have the power to reverse or slow down chronic diseases is incredible!  I’m not really sure how much evidence people really need before they can believe in these results.  In my mind, if you suffer from a chronic disease (heart disease, diabetes, asthma, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, etc…), why wouldn’t you want to try a plant-based diet?  The results from this study are very impressive and if there is a chance…even a chance, that these results are true and can improve someone’s health…why not try it?
On a more personal level (if you read my history in my I’m A Sponsored Athlete post), you know that I am a true believer in a plant-based lifestyle and am living proof that in a very short time, a whole food plant-based diet can make a huge difference.  I realize everyone will respond differently and/or take it to the level of their choice, but if this is something (as proven to me in The China Study) that can improve the quality of our health…how can someone not at least give it a try?  While this would entail a huge paradigm shift, is it not a worth it?
What do you think?
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