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How many times have you walked through the produce section in the grocery store and passed by fruits and vegetables that have never seen the inside of your shopping cart? Maybe you tried them once or twice at a dinner party or in a restaurant, but you never knew what to do with it.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are jam packed with vitamins and minerals with terrific health benefits. We all know that we must aim for a diet (I mean regular daily diet, not the latest fad diet) that has variety and moderation. It is time to jump on the variety band wagon and think outside the shopping cart!

In our home, we have started to buy one new fruit or vegetable a week. Some we have eaten before, some we can’t pronounce, and some we have heard about from our “secret” obsession with a late afternoon TV show. We have learned that we love pomelo, you can eat the greens from the top of beets, and kale makes a great crunchy chip to snack on in only 10 minutes. This week we take on the long and lean collard greens.

We challenge you to try one new fruit or vegetable this week. Research a delicious way to prepare it, and let us know how it went. This will keep you motivated to get out of the dinner or lunch rut. If you have children, they will see you trying something new and “monkey see, monkey do”! Most importantly, you may add something healthy and delicious to your weekly grocery list.

Happy shopping!

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