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Things add up quickly.

A day at the mall ends up costing more than you expected, even when you buy items on sale. Time flies when your having fun and let’s not even get into details about how fast the laundry piles up.

Well, calories have a way of working the same way. Everything we put into our mouth counts.  It is a well known fact. What we take in and don’t use efficiently gets stored in our fat cells. So let’s make a plan to cut back a little and reap the benefits.

Make a small effort to take out a little bit of fat or extra calories just a few times a day. You may not notice it on the lips, but it could make a big difference on the hips.

Condiments like dressing, mayo and butter are not the healthiest and can really add to your caloric intake. Try to use half as much dressing and mayo. Learn to appreciate the taste of what your eating. You may not notice the cutback after a week. Use butter or margarin sparingly. If the bread is fresh don’t even bother with the butter…enjoy the freshness. Don’t add butter to vegetables. Enjoy the natural flavors.

Sugar is tasty, but does not provide any nutrients. If you’re a coffee drinker, slowly cut back on the sugar you add. If you use skim milk don’t add sugar and challenge yourself to taste the natural sweetness of the milk.

The biggest challenge will be to say “No” once a day. When you are standing in line at the grocery store and tempted by the impulse snacks, say “No”. When your child doesn’t finish his sandwich and you’re cleaning up, don’t finish it for him, say “No”.  And when you go to the pantry to get the spaghetti sauce for dinner and the chewy chocolate cookies are staring you in the face don’t just say no, scream it out loud! “NO!”

A little and a little adds up, but make it work in your while.

Let us know what you said “no” to today!

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