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In this episode of Hey Plant Trainers, I uncover my top 5 tips for eating plant-based in restaurants that are really simple. Somehow when we are outside the home, it seems harder to make good decisions. So thinking about these tips and marking them down somewhere will help psych you up to continue with your plant-based or clean eating choices. Knowing why you really want to make good choices really helps too.

These tips are not just for newbies. They are tips even I still use and they really help me enjoy myself more when I’m out eating plant-based in restaurants and most of all it does not make me feel like I have a huge hat on with jingle bells that screams “LOOK at me, I’m the difficult vegan in the room”. No one wants that! So give a listen to my top 5 tips for eating plant-based in restaurants so you can relax and enjoy yourself next time!


This week’s question:

Jeanann Ask: “Hey Plant Trainers, how can I make good choices while eating in restaurants if I don’t want to cause a fuss over ordering things that are different from the actual menu items?”



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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Tips for Eating Plant-Based in Restaurants – PTP144”
  1. Avatar Lynda Hungerford

    Hi, Great advice, I almost always eat something to take the edge off where ever I go and have had no problem with asking for a plate of what I have found the kitchen has by scoping the menu first. One other thing that saves me (but some might be shy about this) I bring a small container with my own dressing like Chef A.J.s house dressing that is good on plain brown rice with veggies, or a baked potato with steamed veggies or just a loaded salad for my main dish. I was once served a dish at an Asian restaurant that they were quite proud of because it was vegan…….beautiful veggies and rice, but the veggies weren’t steamed at all just raw, they were very apologetic and comped our meal! With the dressing if I don’t really want to get into any debate I just tell folks I’m with I’m sensitive to oils (not untrue really….my heart is very sensitive!).

    • Avatar admin

      All great options, Lynda…bringing a small container of chopped veggies can be done too!

  2. Avatar Betty Durst

    Really helpful. I’ve been eating a plant-based diet for almost a year. Eating out IS the most challenging aspect of this lifestyle change. These are all good tips. I find it even more difficult when invited to a home party in which I do not know the hosts very well. I have been caught in situations where I’ve been served meat without being asked and refusing to eat it would be considered rude. Most often I offer to bring a salad which is loaded with veggies and some protein so that I can enjoy. I feel 100% better than a year ago and my health has improved a great deal. It feels so good to share this space. Thank you.

    • Avatar admin

      Awesome…always great to bring something with to someone’s house! Continue your journey, once people start to understand the lifestyle, they will question you, but accommodate you more and more. Thanks for listening & for leaving a comment!

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