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Don’t waste it…Taste it!


We used to throw away some produce. It would go bad, get lost at the back of the fridge or just be overlooked.


Here are our TOP 5 ways to help save produce from going to waste and save you some ‘green’ in your wallet too!


5. Shop Smart
I really take my time when examining my produce in the store. If I’m buying for something that day or the next, I want it to be ripe. If I’m shopping for later in the week, I will buy something that still needs to ripen, so it doesn’t perish before I use it. I also check the best before dates carefully (if there are any on what I am buying).


4. Cook and Bake!
Often I will make more than I need for a meal because of the amount of vegetables I have. I’ll freeze left over soups and chillies for easy meals in the future. Often I’ll make a soup that was not part of my meal plan because of the vegetables I have left in the crisper. I have even been known to make zucchini and apple muffins when I have some extras lying around. (I freeze these too or bring them to work to share.)


3. Freeze
Freezers are great inventions that should never be overlooked. You can freeze fruits when they are starting to get a bit old and save them for smoothies. You can also freeze vegetables when they start looking a bit dull and use them in future soups. Make sure to cut and wash the fruits and veggies first!


2. Do “Sharesies”
If you shop at a Farmer’s Market or a bulk store then share it! Shop with a friend, mother or sister-in law. Instead of both of you buying a package of 6 leaks split it three and three. Sometimes there is just too much when you buy. 


1. Plan Your Meals
Planning meals is a great way to save food from being wasted and saves you time during the week. Plan out your week in advance taking everyone’s schedule into account. How many people will be home for dinner and which nights need to be super fast. Look through your fridge andc cupboards and see what foods you already have. Try to plan your first few meals using the perishables you have to keep them from waisting. Then decide what you want for the rest of the week and write out a specific shopping list. It seems like a lot of work, but once you get the hang of it, it really makes life simpler in the kitchen.



Shoshana Chaim
~ Plant Trainers


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