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PTP332 - Wellness Over Things
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In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk about the importance of wellness over things and share an amazing Black Friday deal! Today you’re going to get a lot of emails and ads encouraging you to buy new things — TVs, gadgets, shoes, etc. And you’ll be tempted. We know we are. 

But this year I want to encourage you to think differently. 

What if instead of investing in yet another thing to fill a junk drawer or countertop, you invest in your — or your loved one’s — wellness. 

Wellness over things…Here’s the Black Friday deal: there’s a crazy plant-based health and fitness product sale going on today that you need to take a look at. Remember wellness over things.

Today we partnered up with No Meat Athlete and 30 of the top plant-based authors and fitness & cooking experts online to create the 2019 Health and Fitness Bundle. 

It’s a massive collection of courses, cookbooks, programs, and guides to help you and your loved ones take your health, fitness, and mindset to the next level. 

This year’s Black Friday bundle includes (November 29, 8am ET – December 3, 2pm ET):

Plant-Based Cooking Courses and eCookbooks
  • Immunity-Boosting Soups Course with Julie Morris
  • Plant-Powered Snacks by Dreena Burton
  • Wholiday Cookbook by Naked Food Magazine
  • Healthy Holidays Cookbook by Amy Longard
  • Plant-Based Wedding Recipe Book by Amy Longard
  • Let’s Get Saucy Cookbook by High-Carb Hannah
  • The Food Pharmacy Family Favorites by Evelisse Capó
  • The Food Pharmacy Power Brunch by Evelisse Capó
  • The Food Pharmacy Burgers & Sides by Evelisse Capó
  • Vegan Quickes eBook by Amanda Fisher
  • Vegan Fitness Food eBook by Crissi Carvalho
  • Revitalizing Raw Chocolate Course with Julie Morris
  • Virtual, Plant-Based Group Cooking Class with Melissa of Forkin’ Plants
Plant-Based Meal-Planning Programs and Nutrition Courses
  • The 7-Day Kickstart Meal Plan by No Meat Athlete
  • Macro Nutrition Program with Vince Lia
  • Nutrition 101 Program with Vince Lia
  • Plant-Based Picky Eaters Program by Shoshana & Adam Chaim
  • Plant-Based Nutrition for Kids Program by No Meat Athlete & Dr. Pamela Fergusson
  • 12-Minute Kitchen Starter System by True Wellth
  • Spud-Fit Challenge with Andrew Taylor
  • Optimizing Your Brain: Natural Nootropics 101 Course with Julie Morris
  • Healthy Habits 101 Course with Luke Jones
  • 8 Video Presentations from Remedy Food Live from Matt Frazier, John Pierre, Rich Roll, Joel Kahn, Jason Wrobel, Doug McNish, Brenda Davis, Chef AJ
Running, Strength, & Fitness Programs and Training Guides
  • Plant-Based Strength & Muscle Formula Program by No Meat Athlete
  • The Yoga Kit Program by No Meat Athlete
  • The Half Marathon Roadmap Program by No Meat Athlete
  • Next Level Runner 2-Month Course with Doug Hay
  • Jacked on the Beanstalk eBook by Samantha Shorkey
  • Shred-It eBook by Robert Cheeke
  • The Vegan Muscle and Fitness Guide to Bodybuilding Competitions eBook by Derek Tresize & Marcella Torres
  • How to Build a Successful Vegan Brand eBook by Robert Cheeke
  • Plant-Based Muscle eBook by Robert Cheeke and Vanessa Espinoza
Weight Loss Courses, Programs, and Recipes
  • Lean & Clean eBook by High-Carb Hannah
  • Don’t Skip Dessert eBook by Amanda Fisher
  • The Fast Diet eBook by Amanda Fisher
  • Flexible Dieting for Vegans eBook by Dani Taylor & Giacomo Marchese
  • Recover. You Deserve It eBook with Jackson Forster of Plantriotic
  • 3-Months of the Food Heals VIP Club with Allison Melody
  • Smalls Steps to Big Change: A 2-Week Introductory Course to Overhaul Your Health & Happiness with Sid Garza-Hillman
  • The Ultimate Weight Loss Live 2019 Conference in Las Vegas Videos and Program by Chef AJ
Plant-Based Living Courses, eBooks, and Programs
  • The Consistency Code Course with Whitney Lauritsen & Jason Wrobel
  • Zero-Waste Hacks eBook by Carly Rose & Brenden Fitzgerald
  • Holistic Hacks eBook by Carly Rose & Brenden Fitzgerald
  • Vegan Hacks eBook by Carly Rose & Brenden Fitzgerald
  • Vegan Nutrition for Pregnancy eBook by Anya Mullen
  • Approaching the Natural eBook by Sid Garza Hillman
  • Raising Healthy Parents eBook by Sid Garza-Hillman
  • Lush Life Academy’s Wellness Warrior Training Course with Allison Melody, Whitney Lauritsen, Jason Wrobel & Nicole Derseweh

All together that’s over $2,200 worth of plant-based fitness and cooking products, not designed to look fancy in your house but to help you feel great, look fantastic, and live your best life. 

And right now, this Black Friday, you can get it for over 95% off. 

You just need to check it out now because this is going to be over soon.

Here’s the deal: there’s a crazy plant-based health and fitness product sale going on today that you need to take a look at. Remember wellness over things.

Plant Trainers is excited to partner with No Meat Athlete on this promotion, and we earn a commission for any sales that come through our links. So when you pick up the bundle and set yourself up for success in 2020, you’re also helping to support The Plant Trainers Podcast.

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