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So here is the thing.

I don’t want the way I eat to rule my life. But the more I read, the more I watch, the more I learn…the more I know it should. Not only for me, but so that I can help better educate others.

It is like a religion. Something you believe in so much, you need to share it with others. The ideas of health, plant based foods, NON-GMOs. The ideas of big food companies and the pharmaceutical companies being in bed with the government. The ideas of disease prevention (chronic and auto-immune).

I am grateful for those people who are interested and open to a plant-based meal or just the idea of it. Those who want help to understand how, why, what. Those who want us to cook for them. It makes me feel like a little missionary. Saving the world just a little bit at a time. All in the name of sprouts!

For those who engage in the conversation and say “I could never”, “it is extreme” or joke that “maybe this is why I got the shingles”, please stop. It’s a waste of my time and effort. I’d rather be talking about fashion or movies. I have to save my energy for those who are open to understanding my lifestyle. We can be friends without having to discuss my meals all the time.

I’d be happy to cook for you, email recipes that have worked for me, show you the ins and outs of my kitchen or take you grocery shopping. It is a just cause. It can make you healthier long term and it’s more sustainable.

Without an honest education, what are we…monkeys?

~ Shoshana

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