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I spy with my little eye, something that is yellow?

Need a hint? It’s a fruit. It’s full of vitamin C, dietary fiber and tons of other vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Give up?



Lemons are probably nature’s most versatile creations. They can be used for all sorts of culinary purposes, for many different medicinal concoctions, and even as skin and hair care. Both the juice and the peel of the lemon can be added to recipes to create amazing flavors. The list of uses for lemons are endless, so I will share with you my 5 favorite ways of using lemons.


  • To alkalize your body – Alkalizing is the process in which your body fights to maintain the proper pH level. Processed foods that are part of the average American diet make our bodies pH levels very low or acidic. Adding lemons to your diet helps to raise and balance your body’s pH levels.
  • To absorb iron – Eating foods high in vitamin C, like lemons, give the body a boost for absorbing iron. Iron is needed for the blood to efficiently carry oxygen through the body amongst other things.
  • To combat colds – Lemons help boost the immune system, keeping the body strong. Mix this fruit’s fresh juice with ginger and turmeric for a cold cold killing hot drink!
  • To create a smooth move! – Lemons have dietary fiber and is a diuretic. It helps remove toxins from the body.
  • To clean the kitchen – Lemons are known to have antibacterial properties. Mix fresh lemon juice with vinegar and water to clean the counters. It even removes smells from onion and garlic from your hands.


So you may be asking what do I do now? I suggest going out and buying a bag of lemons. Cut one into 4 or 6 wedges and place the on a small Tupperware.Lemons View


From now on start your mornings with a cup of warm water and squeeze one of those wedges into it. This will help your system get off to the right start.

You can also use those wedges when you have stinky garlic hands!!!

Finally, get a clean spray bottle. Fill it with 1 cup of water and ½ cup of vinegar and squeeze half a lemon into the bottle too. This is now your new kitchen counter cleaner – natural and inexpensive.

When life throws you lemons…there is so much more you can make besides lemonade!


Good luck!


~ Plant Trainers


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