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In today’s episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast we discuss Childhood Obesity. September is National Childhood Obesity Month so we thought that this will help get the message out. You have been warned: The stats we are going to share with you today are staggering. Despite the fact that many of us are going to get and stay healthy, there are still many families that need help getting their health to where it should be. In this podcast we share with you WHAT is happening around childhood obesity, WHY this may be happening and How to help keep it from happening in your family and community. We hope that you will share this podcast with anyone who you feel can benefit from it. We are sending out a call to action….Help someone improve their quality of life today. Let us know how you have helped by commenting below.

We hope you enjoy the show!


In this episode we discuss:

  • Our quote of the day: “One should eat to live, not live to eat.” ~Moliere
  • Childhood Obesity Facts
  • Why this is happening?
  • Physiological effects
  • Psychological and social effects
  • Effects for adulthood
  • Weight bias
  • Prevention
  • How schools can take action
  • Mira’s Question: “Hey Plant Trainers, I see carrageenan in the non-dairy milks. What is this?”


Links to things we mentioned:

World Health Organization (WHO) – Facts on overweight & obesity

PCRM – Three-Year-Old Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

BBC – Youngest Toddler with Type 2 Diabetes Raises Concern

CDC – Issues of Weight Bias

Getting Kids To Exercise

Keeping Kids Active

Cosmic Kids Yoga Video

GoNoodle – for the classroom

Daily Physical Activity – Ontario

Cleveland Clinic – Plant-Based Diet May Reduce Obese Children’s Risk of Heart Disease

Health Families BC – Be Aware & Take Action

PTP006: Mental Illness

PTP007: Kids Fitness with Vinnie Tortorich

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