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The times have changed.  Kids today do not live in the world we grew up in. There is less exploring, less riding bikes and a lot less exercise. Nowadays kids exercise by watching TV, iPads, video games…is that really exercise?  We may have grown up eating processed, chemical infused foods, but we had a lower rate of obesity. I know I’m not telling you things you don’t already know. There are numerous articles and Facebook videos of the like. I hope I can help you take action and create a more active lifestyle either for yourself and/or your family.

The other day someone said to me, “My extended family just doesn’t have the active values we hold. On a weekend visit to our hometown, the rest of the family wants to sit around and eat all day. No exercise at all.” Now, don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of room in life for sitting around and eating, especially when you are sharing memorable times with your family. But, there has got to be a balance.

Organized activities are great for kids. They can also be costly and create crazy family schedules. A few organized activities during the week are great, but daily activity is super important.

Here are a few ways to get you, your kids and your family active in different times of the year and in different environments:


      1. Indoor Playgrounds: Throughout harsh winters and rainy periods, indoor playgrounds are a parents godsend. This should never be the replacement for fresh air year round, but it is fun and active to get your kids exercise. I am actually sitting in one right now. I’m keeping an eye on my children and they are old and independent enough to play without me standing right over them. This is allowing me to exercise my mind and write this blog!


      1. Go To The Park: I know, sounds obvious right? But so many people just don’t get around to it that often. Find a park that you like, that is clean, and safe. Walk together as a family, or let the kids ride their bikes and trikes. If you like a park that is driving distance, drive. I give you permission (your welcome!). Now, here is the important part:
        • Make park-going part of your routine. For example, go every Saturday morning and pack a healthy snack. Go every Tuesday after school and pack a healthy picnic dinner. Invite friends to join you. If it rains on your park day, go the next day. Your kids will enjoy the consistency and the opportunity to exercise.
        • Bring some supplies. Hand wipes, Band-Aids and whatever else you may need from keeping you from having to head home early. Once you are there, get the full enjoyment from it.
        • Bring with a few balls, rackets or whatever else your kids may like. This provides an opportunity for you to really interact with your children and be active too. There is no better role model for them than you!


      1. Walk or Hike: Kids are never too young to be taught the importance of walking and appreciating nature. Get out and walk on the street or find a park path near you. Discuss what you see around you: plants, trees, wildlife and water. Try to go along the same path the next week or a few weeks later and discuss the differences you see. What has grown, what colors have changed? Are the worms out because of the last rain? Maybe you can even compare your surroundings to a book or movie your children have read.


      1. “If You Build it, They Will Come”: Find an area in your house, garage or yard to make a sports court. We have a section of our basement with two mini hockey nets and a kids’ indoor basketball net. It did not take too much money to invest in this. You can even ask your family to purchase these specific items at holiday or birthday time. We have a huge laundry basket filled with every sort of stick, ball, and puck. Our son and daughter play endless hours of hockey, soccer, basketball and football with each other, friends and us, THE PARENT ROLE MODELS 🙂 We even have an easy to set up bowling alley. We have the kids’ bowling pins. I replaced the ball with a quieter ball and we use the foam playmates as the alley. Tons of fun and our 5 year-old works on his math skills!



      1. Dance: Make a CD or playlist of your family’s favorite songs. Have a dance party together. Our kids love to put on shows for us. They help clear the table after dinner and then they “practice” while we finish up in the kitchen. Then we get to enjoy the show while their little feet keep moving. Then it’s a free for all. What a good way to build up a sweat! (Too bad it doesn’t count for one of my workouts!)


      1. Work out: My final tidbit for today is work out. When your kids see you lifting weights, doing an exercise video or stretching on a mat, they will want to do the same. My son is always saying when he is a bigger guy he wants to go out for runs or bike rides. He doesn’t actually see Adam run, but he sees him get ready and go. What we do really influences our kind.


Building movement and exercise into your family’s life is a sure way to keep them active and living the life you want them too. I hope you can incorporate one or two of these ideas into your family’s routines, no matter what age your kids are.  Having your kids exercise will also give you a bit break by ensuring they get a good night sleep!

Let us know how it goes.

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