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Our bodies need to sleep in order to recover and be ready for our next day. It isn’t just the amount that’s important, but rather the quality!

Sleepy Head asks:

Hey Plant Trainers, How can I get a better night’s sleep?

Thanks for your question, Sleepy Head.

How can you get better night’s rest? The million dollar question. Actually, most people ask how to get more sleep and that’s a whole other story. If you want to get better sleep there a couple steps you need to take and most of that is about planning and preparing. Funnily enough, when people ask us how to eat healthier, we have a similar answer.

As your body goes through the day it experiences various levels of energy. Now if you’re doing things to stimulate yourself at night then typically you’re not going to sleep the very best you can. The idea is to give your body a chance to relax before you actually get in bed and go to sleep.

There are many different methods you could take to do this. Planning a night time routine is a really great way to start to tell your body it’s time to get ready to sleep, as opposed to going out to a nightclub.

Taking sleeping aids can be a tricky business. It’s always best to try to do things the natural way before your body gets addicted to over or under the counter medications. Always talk to your doctor before starting with any of those EVEN if they are sold in a health food store.

Here are some areas to consider:

Are the foods you are eating stimulants? Coffee before bed may not keep you from sleeping, but it may affect your quality of sleep. When did you exercise last? Exercising before bed may not allow you to fall asleep for a long time, but the lack of exercise may keep you from getting an A+ on the pillow. Have you been typing away on your phone, computer or even watching Netflix on the iPad? Some screens contain Blue light which sends your brain a message that it is not sleeping time!

Check out this short podcast to learn more about upgrading your sleep patterns!

~ Plant Trainers

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