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I don’t believe in the 80/20 rule. It’s all the rage right now. Everyone is saying it. It is actually also known as the “Pareto Principle” that originally had nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle. You know people will say: “I eat clean and take care of myself 80% of the time so I can slack off the other 20%”. Some people are the opposite.  They’ll say: “I do what I want 80% of the time and I rely on the other 20% of my choices to make up for the damage I am causing”. Either way, I don’t buy it.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying we should only buy organic, stay out of the sun, never drink and only use “clean” cosmetics all of the time. I don’t think that is realistic, affordable and I personally don’t do that (if you’re able to do that – good on you!).  I just don’t think that we should be making rules for ourselves like the 80/20 rule.  It sounds more like an excuse or permission to cheat or be bad or take the easy way out.

So what do I believe in? I believe in informed decisions. I believe in doing the best you can in the situation you are in. I understand that in certain situations, our choices won’t be the best ones. I believe in doing, not trying, no excuses.  As Jedi Master Yoda said: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” I don’t need permission from a saying or a fad. I know what is good and what is bad. I do my research (when I have time) or I choose not to do my research and just do what is right for me at that moment.

I buy organic when I can. When it’s available and when it’s affordable. I am still slowly trying to change all my soaps and skin care products to “cleaner” ones. I know I could do it all at once, but I choose to take my time to research the best products. I also choose to make changes over time in order to not take an immediate financial hit. If I want to buy my family french fries I don’t sit with a calculator and figure out if I have used up my 20% for that week. I either do it or I don’t.

I think I do pretty well. We eat clean, no gluten, no animal products. I buy the “dirty dozen” organic products and I still don’t think all the choices I make fall into the 80/20 rule. So I’m sure tons of other people out there aren’t really reaching the 80/20 rule either. They just pretend they are – and it really doesn’t matter.

So what is the point? The point is not to say you are doing a bad job. It’s the opposite. My point is choose what feels right for you. Don’t feel like you need to keep up with the tree hugging Jones’ and walk the mighty 80/20 walk. Be yourself. Be informed. Be in the moment. Celebrate your victories. Celebrate your learning moments. Celebrate the good choices. Slowly, you will begin to notice a shift in what you do. You will begin to live a cleaner life. Rules were made to be broken, so don’t create rules for yourself based on social pressure. Don’t be the 80/20 rule. Be yourself.

~ Plant Trainers


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