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March is nutrition month!

March is nutrition month. This is an initiative put out by the Dietitians of Canada.

Part of me says:

“Awesome! A whole month of nutrition…getting people excited about their nutrition and teaching them the ropes, tips, facts and new findings. Wow!!”

The other (probably more dominant) side of me says:

We need a month dedicated to nutrition? Nutrition should be a constant…always teaching, always promoting, always learning. Obviously The Dairy Farmers of Canada are a sponsor here. Don’t get me started. On the flip-side so is Canadian Lentils…Way to go Plant People!

So let’s stick with Nutrition Month for a moment (or 31 days) and go with the flow…

So as we have mentioned on The Plant Trainers Podcast many times: although we are plant-based, we are not on a mission to convert the world. We do not discriminate against “omnis” (Omnivores – people who eat both plants and meat products) or carnivores. We work with our clients to incorporate more plants onto their plates and live healthier, more active lives.  In February, we listed a week-by-week strategy in our blog to help you start eating just a bit healthier.

Here are our Plant Trainers tips for a healthier nutrition month:

  1. Tamari: Tamari is an amazing product to switch to. It is a perfect replacement for soya sauce. The difference is that all tamari is gluten-free. You won’t have to worry about this sauce when you have gluten-free guests at your house. Tamari is fermented, so it is great for your gut. And finally, it comes in low sodium as well. Most frilly grocery stores carry Tamari, so head out and buy some so that when you’re done with your current bottle of soya sauce, the new one will be waiting for you!
  2. Dulse Flakes: Dulse is a sea vegetable originating from the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Nutrition Month TipsDulse is rich in minerals and trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, iodine, manganese, chromium just to name a few. These elements are more dense than the elements found in vegetables grown on land. Add dulse to soups, salads, dips and all sorts of meals. You should cut down on any other added salt when cooking with dulse.
  3. Sprouts: I love sprouts of all kinds. Every few weeks I go to the sprout section and choose a different sprout to add to my salads,soups, collard wraps and the occasional sandwiches I may have. Sprouts will add a boost of extra vitamins and minerals to your meal. They also add a crunchy texture. How can you go wrong?
  4. Baby Cucumbers: These are a favourite of mine. Mostly because they are easy! I buy them and wash them as I need them. They are really easy to throw in a lunch bag without cutting it up. They are also so fresh and crispy that I often recommend that people cut them into small slices and put them in a bowl and eat them instead of chips. Mmmmm.
  5. Meatless Mondays: Hopefully you have already dedicated a dinner night of the week to be meatless and maybe even poultry and dairyless. Check out our recipe page for some great ideas. Plan in advance and make sure you have everything you need on hand.

I REALLY hope you can use these great ideas we have put out for this nutrition month. The first four are some simple replacements or additions to your shopping list that can really go a long way. Please let us know how they work out for you!!

~ Plant Trainers

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