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January is all about New Year’s resolutions. There is research that proves that resolutions do not last very long. That’s why, we at Plant Trainers, encourage lifestyle change. Making one little change at a time can help you be more successful in the future.

We would like to help you plan for February. Hopefully some of your resolutions have stuck with you, and if they didn’t don’t worry. We are here to help. So take a look at this list of foods. Plan ahead and consider buying all these awesome nutrient dense foods.​

Week 1: Hemp Hearts

Hemp hearts are high in protein and omegas. Omegas are known to have incredible benefits for both your body and mind. You can read more about how to use hemp hearts in this blog from our archives. Click here to buy some with a 10% discount using the promo code “HEMPTASTIC” or check out your local health food store.

Week 2: Kale

Kale contains vitamins and minerals, protein, it is anti-inflammatory and the list goes on. Kale is an extremely versatile kind of green. It can be eaten raw or cooked. Cut it into small pieces and add it to your green smoothies, salads, sandwiches or homemade coleslaw. I love to rip up kale and throw it into my soups and stir fries for a little bit of extra green goodness and texture.

Week 3: Green Tea

Start the day with green tea, high in catechins that are antioxidants known to reverse cell damage and fight deceases. After having your lemon water, your next beverage of the day can be a green tea. Before you sit down with this relaxing cup, make sure it is organic and from a reputable source. Save Your coffee for later in the day if you even still need it.

Week 4: Water

Water is good for digestion, getting rid of toxins and getting your “movements” going. Choose one time a day that you drink juice or pop and replace it with a cool, clear refreshing glass of spring or filtered water. To read more about water and hydration check out our blog about dehydration.

We hope that you will be able to incorporate these great foods into your life one week at a time. Hopefully by making small thoughtful changes, you will begin to feel more energetic, lighter and ready to take on all tasks both mentally and physically. Let us know how it goes.

If you have any recommendations for foods to incorporate in the months to come contact us at

~ Plant Trainers

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