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It’s always a priority to celebrate holidays with our family and friends. This is why we, Plant Trainers, would like to share and celebrate Organic Week with you! September 20-28 is Organic week across Canada. You can see what is happening around you at Organic Week.


Organic Week is organized in partnership between Canadian Organic Growers, Canada Organic Trade Association, Canadian Health Food Association and supported by regional partners [ Organic Week Organizers ] They created this event to help merchants and consumers spread the word of organic benefits and positive impacts. I kinda wish it was organic week every week. That is what it feels like to me anyway!


What is organic? Good question! – The answer seems to vary depending on who you are talking to. Organic food in Canada is certified by official certification bodies that have been accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Canada’s organic product regulations apply to food and drink for human consumption, livestock feed, seeds and plants. So let’s simplify things. Organic pertains to the [clean] process in which farms, or smaller growers produce the products that are consumed in the form of food, clothing, cleaning products, cosmetics and more. Let’s further simplify things and look at fruits and vegetables. 


Conventional farmers may use synthetic chemicals to prepare the earth’s soil before seeding. They may soak the seeds in poisonous chemicals. Conventional farmers may add chemicals to the irrigation water or simply spray the land and vegetables with them. The chemicals may allow the fruits and vegetables to grow bigger and faster and keep the bugs from eating the seeds and crops. These chemicals contain hazardous ingredients including metals which are soaked up by the seeds and the fruits and vegetables themselves and end up in our bodies, should we choose to eat them. (Blah!)

Organic FruitVeg

Organic farms will use natural fertilizers to prepare the soil. They use non-genetically modified (original, clean) seeds when planting and they may use pesticides made from natural products. Animal dung and worms play a huge part in producing nutrient rich soils and foods. Organic farmers will not contaminate the soil and food with harsh chemicals containing metals that will kill insects. Their natural fertilizers, if they use any at all, make it unappealing for the insects to dig up and steal the seeds. Now these uncontaminated foods get fed to our bodies, should we choose to eat them. 


If you are interested in some literature or documentaries, pay attention. This week The National Film Board presents “ISLAND GREEN” for FREE! This short documentary, directed by Millefiore Clarkes, takes a look at the changing face of PEI’s agricultural industry. It is available to view online until Sept 21 at Island Green Film. In addition, on September 25th, during Organic Week, the book The Myths of Safe Pesticides by André Leu will be released. André Leu, international expert on sustainable agro-systems, and his book will teach you more about the truth behind pesticides. 


I hope you are able to enjoy Organic week in some way or another. I’ll be taking my kids to Organic Garage for their festivities! Maybe I’ll see you there. 


Shoshana Chaim
~ Plant Trainers


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