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What are some of the myths about sleep and sleep deprivation that you probably have believed at one time or another? How about training yourself to live on less sleep? Lots of people think that’s a good thing—but it’s not true.

And of course there are the consequences of not getting enough sleep. Many people aren’t fully aware that depriving your body of sleep equals a host of negative health effects, from irritability to weight gain, increased inflammation and decreased accuracy.

Unfortunately, far too many people are sleep deprived—either not getting enough sleep or suffering from a sleep disorder. In fact, over one-third of Americans would characterize their sleep as poor or only fair, and up to 70 million people may suffer from a sleep disorder. We’re trying to ignore the problem or catch up here and there with naps, but we’re not fixing it. 

What’s the cause for concern and what should you do about it?

This graphic showing the side effects of sleep deprivation, can help:

The Unnerving Side Effects of Sleep Deprivation

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